What is a nano influencer?


ou might haveactually heard the term “nano influencer” bandied about priorto however not sure what it really implies.

As an author on influencer marketing technique, I specify a nano influencer as somebody who has inbetween 1k-10k fans on Instagram. 

There are a number of factors why business desire to work with nano influencers, which I’ll go through now.


Nano influencers tend to be seen as more relatable, responsive, and genuine with their audience. If somebody has 20-50 remarks on their post they are more mostlikely to be able to respond to their audiences than somebody who has an Instagram following of 100k and far more remarks, for example. And since of this, lotsof nano influencers do not make their living from influencer marketing and likewise have routine tasks.

High engagement

Companies that desire to run influencer projects are constantly looking for influencers with high engagement. What does this indicate? Engagement is identified by dividing the overall number of likes and remarks by the fan number. The market average on Instagram is around 1.6 per cent. And since nano influencers are more carefully engaged with their audience, they will mostlikely reply to every single remark, for example, which assists them develop up closer connections with their fans.

Brand advocacy

Nano influencers tend to understand their audience in numerous circumstances personally and forthatreason when they are evaluating a item or service, it brings method more weight in motivating customers to purchase, which, of course, results in conversions.

Greater return on financialinvestment

In most circumstances, nano influencers are not “professional” material developers, rather they have nearly fallen into a enthusiasm task or side-hustle. Nano influencers are likewise normally more responsive to “gifted” projects (whereby a business presents a item or service to an influencer for them to promote, however is not offering payment in return for material development). Nano influencer projects can forthatreason be really effective due to low execution expenses.  If business are paying nano influencers, they can cast the internet of chance larger with various influencer specificniches. The verysame budgetplan might be invested on simply one macro influencer which might provide big reach however is more dangerous if the project flops, for example, duetothefactthat you’re basically putting all your eggs in one basket.


Nano influencers tend to be more versatile compared to more developed, larger-scale influencers who will frequently have pre-set requirements and terms for partnership.

Easier recruitment

It’s forthatreason frequently simpler to hire nano influencers duetothefactthat they are frequently more responsive and versatile to working with brandnames. Nano influencers likewise understand that by working in a huge brandname project, they can grow their audience. In some cases, they will proactively reach out to business with chances and concepts to worktogether, they can likewise spearhead massive ambassador programs.

Below are a handful of nano influencers with various specificniches who have fantastic engagement with their audiences.

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