VIDEO: Beth Osborne describes our damaged method to setting speed limitations with WSJ

VIDEO: Beth Osborne discusses our damaged method to setting speed limitations with WSJ

T4America director Beth Osborne signedupwith Wall Street Journal reporter George Downs to describe why one questionable approach for setting speed limitations results in greater and greater speeds.

There’s been a lot of talk in the news recently about the increasing risk of U.S. roads, and justrecently, USDOT launched their roadway security technique, which consistedof guidance for upgraded assistance on setting safe speeds and the 85th percentile guideline. To describe why this obsoleted guideline for setting speed limitations infact leads to greater speeds, Beth Osborne sat down with George Downs. The visuals truly nail it!

“A lot of individuals think we state, ‘Let’s set the speed limitation there and style the roadway around it.’ We really do the specific reverse.”

Watch the complete video listedbelow.

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Source: VIDEO: Beth Osborne describes our damaged technique to setting speed limitations with WSJ.

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