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Any kind of successful social or business event follows proper event management planning. Event management skills are vital as they help in coordinating all the distinct elements of an event to make it both enjoyable and safe. Be it securing the permission for an event, providing a road map or ensuring support during the event, event managers take care of all with their painstaking attention to detail and ability to handle a pressure cooker environment. However, a significant number of people run parties and events while being clueless about the importance of having a high-quality event strategy. Rahul Kaul, a Dubai-based entrepreneur, has already become a successful name in the Dubai party circle with his unparalleled party strategies.

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Rahul Kaul is the man behind Dejavu Entertainment and Events that is responsible for introducing Bollywood nights in Dubai. This enigmatic businessman hosted and managed some of the most successful and coolest parties for the Bollywood celebrities in Dubai. His impressive event portfolio includes the few biggest names of the Hindi film industry including Superstar Shah Rukh Khan, KhiladiAkshay Kumar and comedian Kapil Sharma.

Besides ruling over the party scene of Dubai, Mr Kaul has also secured a strong foothold in the influencer marketing domain with his business venture IMDDXB Influencer Agency. Social media influencers support brand promotion through word of mouth and peer recommendations. Influencer marketing brings a personal approach to the marketing strategies making them more effective in generating conversation. Mr Kaul’s marketing agency offers guidance to both influencers and brands to grow and reap profit out of the digital space.

Like many other sectors, the pandemic also adversely affected the party scenario all across the world. However, this visionary and multi-talented entrepreneur managed to flourish even in this time of crisis. His yacht company Dejavu Yacht along with the marketing agency allowed him to sustain his growth during the pandemic. The young businessman is currently a proud owner of 3 yachts and planning to acquire a fleet consisting of as many as 30 yachts of different sizes. His yacht company looks forward to allowing people to enjoy the majestic sea-view and romantic date nights at an affordable price.       

Sharing his entrepreneurial journey and business approach, Rahul Kaul remarks, “Life is far from being predictable and we should always be ready for the challenges life is going to present before us. I have never thought of going beyond the domain of party hosting. However, the pandemic pushed me to leave my comfort zone and expand my horizons into segments like celebrity marketing. So, I would suggest everyone not lose hope even in the darkest of times. Life will always compensate by giving opportunities to fulfil your dreams.”

As a vibrant entrepreneur and party host, Mr Kaul has brought a unique approach to Dubai’s party culture with his one-of-its-kind yacht parties. He is even planning to host the first-ever Bollywood party in the air. His unique business strategies have made him an award holder for the Best Bollywood Parties in Dubai. In addition, his philanthropic endeavour of rescuing almost 2500 families during the Nepal earthquake will always be an example for all budding entrepreneurs and encourage them to embrace their humanitarian duties.   

Source: This Entrepreneur Is Defining Success on His Own Terms

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