These male spiders catapult away to prevent being cannibalized after sex

An act of balancing keeps males of one orb-weaving spider types from endingupbeing their mates’ post-sex treat.

After breeding, Philoponella prominens males catapult away from women at speeds up to almost 90 centimeters per 2nd, scientists report April 25 in Current Biology. Other spiders dive to capture victim or prevent predators (SN: 3/16/19). But P. prominens is special amongst spiders in that males skyrocket through the air to prevent sexual cannibalism, the scientists state.

P. prominens is a social types that’s native to nations such as Japan and Korea. Up to 300 private spiders can come together to weave an whole area of webs. While studying P. prominens’ sexual habits, arachnologist Shichang Zhang and coworkers seen that sex appeared to constantly end with a catapulting male. But the motion was “so quick that typical videocameras might not record the information,” states Zhang, of Hubei University in Wuhan, China.

High-resolution video of breeding partners clocked the male arachnids’ speed from around 32 cm/s to 88 cm/s, the scientists report. That’s equivalent to simply under 1 mile per hour to almost 2 milesperhour.

A male Philoponella prominens spider prevents being consumed by a woman after sex by leveraging hydraulic pressure to extend leg joints and fling himself away, seen here initially at about one-fiftieth real speed and then at typical speed.

The dive looks a little like the start of a backstroke swimming race, Zhang states. Males hold the ideas of their front legs versus a female’s body. The spiders then usage hydraulic pressure to extend a joint in those legs, rapidly introducing a male off a woman priorto she can capture and consume him.

Of 155 effective breeding routines that the scientists observed, 152 males catapulted to survival. The staying 3 that didn’t fell victim to their partner. Female spiders likewise consumed all 30 males that the group stopped from leaping to flexibility with a paintbrush.

These male orb weavers mostlikely obtained their leaping capabilities to counter women’ cannibalistic propensities, Zhang states. The spiders’ leap to survival is a “fantastic kinetic efficiency.”

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Source: These male spiders catapult away to prevent being cannibalized after sex.

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