The Newest Guidebook Is A Must Read For Travel Influencers

What can be more glamorous than traveling around the world, accumulating “likes” on your Instagram photos, the modern day equivalent of luggage tags, and even considering it “work” when your arm aches from holding a selfie stick long enough to catch the sun shimmering upon your kissy face? However, many young people are living the good life as an ever-increasing number of travel brands and agencies are turning to influencer marketing as a means for reaching their target demographic – millennials – and this reflects in the booming number of freelance travel-savvy influencers. 

Travel influencer taking a photo of his NYC adventure.


 Websites such as Instagram and YouTube have significantly contributed to the rise in popularity of these “travel influencers” that capture and share glimpses of unique experiences with their followers. But when it comes to becoming a part of this saga, aspiring travel influencers experience a number of questions, doubts and fears. Despite all the perks, it is still a business that requires investment of time and capital, suffers its highs and lows, and requires constant nurturing.

Mark Lachance, CEO and investor of Maxy Media Inc, a social media marketing agency, believes, “Tapping into instagram’s user-base of 1 billion is a huge opportunity for influencers to not only engage with their respective followings but also with consumers. Influencer marketing is at the most powerful stage of evolution.” Lachance’s book, The Lucky Formula, holds answers to many entrepreneurial dilemmas.

Mark Lachance displays his new book, The Lucky Formula.

Courtesy of Mark Lachance

Whether you’re planning your next big marketing campaign or want to be able to generate your own success with limited resources, you can learn what you need in this book. This is an excellent source of the most effective methods in social media marketing which makes it an easy read for entrepreneurs looking for simple yet precise information on how to get started with their business. Lachance states, “I discuss the idea of using levers to do bigger and bigger things…I was able to build a Rolodex of people who knew of my business scaling capabilities.” With his methods, he was able to leverage his reputation to open many new doors.

Lachance outlines in his book a general guide for current and prospective influencers. He discusses:

·        Essential Tools, Hacks, and Resources to Help Grow Your Instagram Influencer Business

“If you’re looking to become an influencer on Instagram, don’t worry! There are plenty of tools, hacks, and resources out there to help you build your following and grow your business. With the proper knowledge and guidance, you can be following in the footsteps of some of the world’s most successful influencers like Bucket List Family and TheLonelyPlanet.”

·        Building an Awesome Instagram Profile page

“If you want to become a travel influencer on Instagram, the first thing you need to do is come up with a creative name. You can also include your location as well as your favorite destination to tag. Next, set up your profile page to include a bio and a visual timeline of your adventures. You can post about anything from food and culture to locations and day trips. Make sure to take lots of pictures and share them often!”

·        Creating Amazing Content to Reel In Engagements

“Creating unique, engaging content is the key to success on Instagram. These days, competition for attention is fierce, and it’s not easy to take someone’s focus away from their smartphone or computer screen. If you want to increase your followers and your engagement rates, you need to use high-quality visuals relevant to your audience. It’s also important to consider what platforms will offer the best ROI for your business.”

·        How to Find a Niche and Stick to It

“You don’t have to be a travel expert or have a lot of money to build a following on Instagram. However, you’ll need to find your niche and stick to it. To do so, you can already do some research by checking out other travel influencers on the platform and seeing what they create content about. You can also find inspiration from Instagram hashtags or groups on Facebook that have a similar niche.”

·        Get Started With a Minimum Investment

“As a newbie to the world of an Instagram influencer, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to reach a desired number of followers. Creating a business account will cost you about $10, and all you have to do is post pictures. Get started with a minimum investment by purchasing a small pack of Insta-followers from a reputable source. The following features ensure that your content is seen by more people: the quality of your images, hashtags, and geo-tagging.”

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 Though so many millennials traded in their paperback novels for ebooks and a general DIY lifestyle, no one is above getting a helping hand from an expert. The travel influencer industry is in some ways akin to sports or music celebrities – a steady and sometimes swift rise to a short-lived fame, and a disillusioned fall from grace once the youthful glow fades to maturity. Guides like Mark Lachance can become essential at all phases of the travel influencer’s journeys, especially the journey through young entrepreneurship.

Source: The Newest Guidebook Is A Must Read For Travel Influencers

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