The Most Dangerous Class

The coming vengeance of the dissatisfied.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T wenty-first-century America might be controlled by oligarchic elites, however probably the mostsignificant hazard to our financial and political system may be situated more down the food chain. This most harmful class comes from the growing number of underemployed, overeducated individuals. They’re what hasactually been explained in Britain as the lumpenintelligensia: pushedaway, mad, and possibly representatives of our social and political deconstruction.

This is far more than an mad mob shouting in keystrokes, however the proto-proletariat of a feudalizing post-industrial society. Overall, notes one current researchstudy, over the past 20 years we haveactually developed twotimes as numerous bachelor’s degrees as tasks to …

Source: The Most Dangerous Class.

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