Before we get to the machines you should avoid at-home let me clarify what I mean by that: I’m talking about fitness equipment that doesn’t actually improve your health, but rather builds up your muscles (as opposed to stretching and toning them). In addition, it’s important to note that these machines are particularly designed so they can be used in your own home.

Today, I’ll tell you about the fitness machines you should avoid at-home. They are: The Ab Roller, Power Tower, Pec Deck and the Lat Pull-Down Machine.

The Ab Roller provides no exercise value.

The Ab Roller is one of the most worthless pieces of equipment you can find anywhere. It’s looks might be deceiving, but it actually does little more than strengthen your lower back and abs – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless you’re an experienced weightlifter. And even if it did do what it was designed to do – give you rock hard abs in two weeks worth of work, I still wouldn’t recommend it because that’s not what we want as home exercisers. We need to focus on those types of exercises that will improve our health and get us into shape – after all, we’re not professional gyms or fitness models.

Power Tower is another waste of time and space.

Power Towers are machines that provide numerous exercise options for your upper body, but the problem with them is they don’t really work – in fact, they’re downright dangerous . That’s because these things were designed to help you develop those massive muscles like Arnold had back in his heyday – so if that’s what you truly want, then go ahead and invest in one. But I’ll give you a piece of advice: be prepared to spend a lot of money on steroids (because even if you can afford the machine, it won’t do much). As I said before, home exercisers need to focus on getting into shape versus creating their own performance-enhanced bodies with steroids.

The Pec Deck Machine provides no actual exercises for your chest (only exercises for your muscles).

I call the Pec Deck machine a mindless workout because people use it as an excuse not to do crunches or standard push-ups despite the fact they can develop stronger pectoral muscles by doing those bodyweight exercises. Regardless, I don’t recommend this machine because it doesn’t give you any real upper body exercise benefits (only muscle strengthening).

The Lat Pull-Down Machine is a poor substitute for chin-ups and pull-ups.

If I were to choose between the Lat Pulldown Machine and chin-ups, I’d go with the latter every time because these machines actually require very little effort – so they’re really not that effective. In addition, there’s been some evidence to suggest that these machines can potentially cause shoulder injuries if proper form isn’t followed – although it’s pretty rare.

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