Texas School Board Member Publicized Personal Info of Parents Who Challenged Mask Mandate

A member of the Fort Worth, Texas, school board’s Racial Equity Committee tried to validate her choice to reveal the individual info of moms and dads who challenged the district’s mask required in court.

“Some individuals consider my actions doxxing,” Norma Garcia-Lopez, the committee’s co-chair, informed the Fort Worth Star-Telegram “It’s not doxxing when you expose somebody who submitted a public movement in a public law court that affects public school kids.”

After some moms and dads effectively protected a court judgment stopping Fort Worth Independent School District’s mask required, Garcia-Lopez blasted the complainants on Twitter, exposing their personally identities and motivating the online neighborhood to daunt them, Fox News formerly reported.

“It’s astonishing what the ‘White Privilege’ power from Tanglewood has vs an entire varied neighborhood that takes care of the well being of others,” Garcia-Lopez composed. “These are their names: Jennifer Treger, Todd Daniel, Kerri Rehmeyer and a coward Jane Doe. Web do your thang.”

Garcia-Lopez likewise released Treger’s telephone number and address, in addition to Rehmeyer’s company, contact number, and work e-mail address. In reaction to one Twitter remark admiring her efforts to expose the moms and dads, Garcia-Lopez responded: “Of course sis! They certainly require to be called out.”

Garcia-Lopez likewise supposedly cursed a moms and dad who became part of the claim in a voice mail, stating: “F– you, you dumb b—. F– you with your White benefit, not appreciating the wellness of others, f– you,” according to a recording gotten by Fox News.

“My message included extreme language– no risks,” Garcia-Lopez stated in her declaration. “Some individuals discover my option of words because message offensive. What’s truly offending is that 4 white moms and dads might hold so much power.”

The doxxing efforts activated reaction from moms and dads, with some requiring Garcia-Lopez’s elimination from her post. Garcia-Lopez declared she has actually gotten dangers and had actually negative epithets directed at her given that the episode.

“They sent out a lynch mob to assault me, “Garcia-Lopez stated. “They wish to silence me from promoting for equity, by pressing me into resigning as co-chair of the Racial Equity Committee.”

Rehmeyer rejected this claim to Fox News and stated the moms and dads reported just the committee co-chair’s actions to journalism, not her individual details. On the other hand, she stated Garcia-Lopez “informed individuals to pursue us, stated where I worked.”

“I got 17 voicemails at work from a single person,” Rehmeyer stated. She kept in mind that a few of the moms and dads’ services have actually gotten unfavorable evaluations online from critics who “do not even attempt to pretend that they were customers.”

“I had a previous customer who stated she hoped that I passed away,” she included.

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Source: Texas School Board Member Publicized Personal Info of Parents Who Challenged Mask Mandate

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