Sweden Spellbinds Travelers With New Chilling Audio Story

Photo by Johan WennerstromVisit Sweden The large forests of Sweden have both appeal and serenity– however likewise drama and mystique. Sweden welcomes tourists to find the nation’s myth-filled forest in a spellbinding audio story composed by worldwide renowned author John Ajivde Lindqvist, just offered in the Swedish forest. Through the narrative, visitors get an immersive experience of the nation’s captivated nature– house to a few of the world’s most popular folkloric beings.

See a video trailer of the story: https://youtube/X2nLmi6dCIE

For centuries, the Swedish individuals have actually informed supernatural stories to assist understand occasions that might not be discussed through reasoning alone. The fog sweeping throughout the meadows was the fairies dancing, and the roaring brook was ‘the Nixie’ enticing ladies and kids into the water. This has actually led to an abundant mythological world including a few of the world’s most popular animals all born in Sweden’s large, deep forests. Still today, the crossway of nature and supernatural play a crucial function in Swedish storytelling and with 70% of the nation covered by forest, it’s no surprise misconceptions figure so plainly in Sweden’s cumulative creativity.

Ajivde Lindqvist’s brand-new audio story Kiln brings the mythic Swedish nature to life, seducing listeners much deeper and much deeper into the woods. The story is experienced in the very first individual, welcoming listeners to actually stroll in the steps of a character who experiences the captivating ‘Huldra’, a forest nymph from Swedish folklore. Those looking to experience the haunting story for themselves can just do so if present in the Swedish forest. A geo-restriction has actually been uses to make the story totally immersive, welcoming the listener to find the secret of Sweden with all their senses.

” The supernatural has actually constantly contributed in Swedish culture. It is more than simply a background to the criminal activity stories and Nordi noir films that have actually made the nation well-known”, states John Avid Lindqvist. “Now, the world is welcome to find it on their own in a really immersive experience. As a scary author, when I go into a forest, ai just require a glance of the dark side of a stone or the knots of a tree to activate my creativity. Nature appears to come alive and entices you to come after it.”

The audio story brings Sweden’s abundant folklore to life. Increasingly more individuals take a trip to Sweden, brought in by its unaffected natural landscapes and progressive way of life, as portrayed in numerous popular television series, books, and movies. Literary pilgrims take a trip to stroll in the steps of Lisbeth Salander, the heroine from the much liked Millennium trilogy, by Swedish author Stieg Larsson.

” Looking at what tourists are looking for when preparing a vacation, numerous have a desire to find something brand-new. We wish to motivate the world to come and experience something totally various,” states Nils Persson, Chief Marketing Officer, Visit Sweden. “The Swedish forests have actually traditionally been house to lots of remarkable animals, now we wish to present the world to their spellbinding lovely house … if you attempt.”

For those who attempt, the geo-restricted audio story is offered totally free on Visit Sweden’s site. Here, visitors can likewise find the very best places for experiencing the story, plus learn more about the various mythological animals from Swedish folklore.

Come, be spellbound by Sweden; where fairy tales, culture, and nature satisfy.

For motivating images: https://bit.ly/spellboundbySweden

Learn more about the experience: https://visitsweden.com/spellbound-by-sweden/

For more details, please contact: Melinda Martino, PR Director at Visit Sweden United States, [email protected] (+1 )-917-340-9330

About the author, John Avid Lindqvist

International bestselling author, John Avid Lindqvist is typically described as the “Swedish Stephen King”. His most popular works consist of Let the Right One In— now a brand-new television series– and Border, which were both made into movies that got leading honors at movie celebrations, consisting of Tribeca Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival. His exhilarating stories blend Nordic noir, social realism and supernatural scary and have actually caught audiences in more than 30 nations. Considering that his launching book in 2004, Let the Right One In, he has actually released 20 books, narratives and remarkable works. His books are released in 33 nations, consisting of Australia, China, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, France, and United States.

Visit Sweden has a main task from the Swedish federal government to market Sweden as a traveler location. Our vision is that Sweden by 2030 is the world’s most sustainable and appealing travel location constructed on development. Now, more than ever, purposeful travel requires to be significant, mindful, and developing enduring worth with concerns to our visitors, for the regional neighborhood and our world. Invite to Sweden.

Source: Sweden Spellbinds Travelers With New Chilling Audio Story

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