Sebastian Monblat (Letters, 28 October) needn’t worry about unhealthier livers. The chancellor has cut duty, not pump prices. Can you see anybody reducing a £4 pint by 3p? The reduction in tax will benefit brewers, not customers. More pork barrel than beer barrel.

John Gately

Battle, East Sussex

Timothy Garton Ash (Why we need a new golden age of European rail, 27 October) suggests reviving long-distance overnight trains. In fact, sleeper trains are already on the rise across the continent. For example, Nightjet trains run on more than 20 routes connecting major cities, and there are several Euronight services. Indeed, Mr Garton Ash could even discover this from the man in seat 61 he mentions.

Graham Feakins

Herne Hill, London

Like Steve Mason (Letters, 28 October), I am an “oldie” and cherish the English language of my youth. However, in those far-off days, WFH and WTF would have been described as abbreviations. Acronyms have to be pronounceable words.

Ken Vines

Horrabridge, Devon

Re recycling (Letters, 28 October), my mother was given a rolling pin made of glass as a wedding present in 1935. I inherited it and have been using it frequently since then, and am now 84. The rolling pin is 86 years old and still intact!

Jill Westby


I don’t like Facebook (Editorial, 29 October). Does that make me “Metaverse”?

Theresa Graham

Clevedon, Somerset

Source: Sunak’s budget has drinkers over a barrel | Brief letters

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