At 9 AM and 11 AM SolarPod Director of Sales, Adam Hook, took to the food demo stage at the Minneapolis Farmers Market. There Adam prepared a Summer Salad with Poppyseed Dressing for the community. The recipe was a collaboration between Mouli, the vegan owner of SolarPod, and Chef Laura Bonicelli, a popular chef.

“This is my wife’s recipe. I appreciate what Chef Laura has done to incorporate more farm fresh ingredients.” – Mouli Vaidyanathan

With thick-rimmed black glasses and pocket protector with metal rulers, Adam supported the Chef with preparing fruit for the salad, involving the audience with samples and ‘dad jokes’.

In addition to sponsoring and demoing food, SolarPod also offered an ingredient in the recipe and offered the recipe to the attendees. The cross-branding of a vegan-owned business supporting the local Minneapolis Farmers Market is unique to the industry.

When asked, “Will you do other events like this again?” Adam Hook responds, “I certainly hope so. Look on SolarPod Blog for future events.”

SolarPod is an innovative solar racking company located in Burnsville, a near suburb of Minneapolis Minnesota. SolarPod has been in business for 13 years, 10 of those years were focused on product design and testing. With 6 awarded patents, SolarPod has revolutionized solar installation. SolarPod’s Z-Rack is a ballasted, counter-weight solar racking system that does not require any roofing holes to install. SolarPod’s Z-Lite is a flat-roof solution that requires only 5% of the ballast materials than other flat-roof racking systems. In addition to these product lines, the company also offers DIY kits and engineering services.

Learn more about SolarPod at https://mysolarpod.com
Future events at https://mysolarpod.com/blog

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