SiriusXM Launches New Freakonomics Radio Network Streaming Channel

SiriusXM logoSiriusXM revealed the launch of a brand-new Freakonomics Radio Network streaming channel. For this channel, the veryfirst to be devoted to a podcast, the group behind Freakonomics Radio, one of the most withstanding and popular podcasts in the world, will curate and present episodes from its deep archive, along with choices from other popular reveals on the Freakonomics Radio Network, consistingof No Stupid Questions, People I (Mostly) Admire, Freakonomics, M.D., and brand-new programs to be released lateron this year.

The Freakonomics Radio Network streaming channel is readilyavailable to customers now on the SXM App.

For over a years, Freakonomics Radio hasactually provided storytelling and reporting that is both strenuous and amusing. Hosted by Stephen J. Dubner, the program takes a curious-minded, data-driven method to checkingout real-world habits and revealing “the covert side of whatever.” Entering its twelfth year as one of the greatest podcasts on the world, Freakonomics Radio is now growing muchfaster than it ever has priorto, setting a listenership record in 2021.

SiriusXM’s Freakonomics Radio Network channel is the just location where listeners can tune in 24/7 to hear not just the mostcurrent episodes of Freakonomics Radio, however likewise a choice of intriguing classics from the reveal’s 500-episode archive like, “Abortion and Crime, Revisited”, “The Economics of Sleep”, and “The Stupidest Thing You Can Do With Your Money.”

“The SiriusXM audience is remarkably big and varied,” stated Stephen Dubner, “and we can’t wait to get our things in their ears.”

“It’s amazing to be able to take a program as groundbreaking and effective as Freakonomics Radio and provide listeners, brand-new and old, an totally distinct method to experience it,” stated Scott Greenstein, SiriusXM’s President and Chief Content Officer. “We can’t think of a muchbetter partner to launch this first-of-its-kind streaming channel with than Stephen and his group.”

In addition to its flagship program, the Freakonomics Radio Network produces some of the most listened-to podcasts – for a integrated reach of over 160 million listeners last year. They consistof No Stupid Questions, where Dubner and co-host psychologist Angela Duckworth checkout the odd and fantastic methods in which people act; People I (Mostly) Admire, in which the unconventional financialexpert Stephen Levitt speaks with other high achievers to ask concerns that just he would believe to ask; and Freakonomics, M.D., hosted by Bapu Jena, an financialexpert and doctor who checksout the crossway of economics and healthcare.

The Freakonomics Radio Network channel is simply the newest example of SiriusXM’s dedication to offering numerous platforms for audio developers. Recently, the hosts of the acclaimed scary funny podcast Last Podcast on the Left introduced Open Lines, a live weekly call-in program on SiriusXM’s Faction Talk (channel 103) after bringing their podcast back to broad circulation through Stitcher; and the popular guidance specialist, host, and digital developer Tinx released the It’s Me, Tinx Live radio program on SiriusXM Stars (channel 109) following her chart-topping Stitcher podcast, It’s Me, Tinx.

Streaming gainaccessto is consistedof with all of SiriusXM’s trials and most popular strategies. Subscribers can listen with the SXW app and with Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant or nevertheless they stream at house. Go to to findout more.

Source: SiriusXM Launches New Freakonomics Radio Network Streaming Channel.

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