Saint James School of Medicine Announces Its Virtual Graduation To Celebrate Its Students Success in the Face Of Covid-19

CHICAGO, IL, June 02, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Saint James School of Medicine has announced a “virtual graduation” for it’s graduates in response to in-person ceremonies having to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. With the assistance of a digital platform created by StageClip, graduates were able to record a personalized message with their smartphones, tablets, or laptops, as well as create a custom slide with their name, photo, and celebratory quote.

The footage from all students will be edited together to create a ceremony procession, preceded by a welcome address. The ceremony will be streamed for graduates, their families, and friends via YouTube to create a celebratory communal event. Individual achievements will also be recognized as each student is announced by name during the ceremony; before receiving their recognition in an individual clip for sharing on social media and immortalizing their accomplishment.

The announcement by SJSM comes after many universities around the world were forced to postpone in-person graduation ceremonies because of the coronavirus pandemic. “We have been determined to keep our students and their families safe during the pandemic, and at the same time ensure we still celebrate their success,” says Joseph Chavez, Associate Director of Enrollment & Registrar Services for Saint James School of Medicine. “That is why after following public health guidance, we were delighted to find a way, via StageClip, to enable students to come together virtually, to honor their hard work and share their stories with as many people as possible.”

About Saint James School of Medicine

Saint James School of Medicine is a Caribbean Medical School that offers an affordable medical education to individuals throughout the world who wish to pursue their dream of a career in medicine. We are committed to training students to think, solve problems, and apply their knowledge to the care and wellbeing of their patients, and society. It is our belief that a high-quality medical education should be affordable and accessible to everyone. For more information about Saint James School of Medicine’s MD program, please visit or contact us at [email protected].

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