Primary Wave Music gets brochure of ‘Danger Zone’ co-writer Tom Whitlock

Primary Wave [148 articles]” > Primary Wave Music has actually gotten the music publishing brochure of Academy Award-winning songwriter Tom Whitlock.

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The “multi-million-dollar” offer, states Primary Wave, brings all of Whitlock’s music publishing interests to the publishing business.

Included in the offer, according to Primary Wave, are incomes from the Top Gun hit Danger Zone, which likewise includes in 2022’s Top Gun: Maverick, in addition to revenues from the hit Take My Breath Away

Other hits consisted of in the offer consist of Meet Me Halfway, Hand In Hand and Wings To Fly

Danger Zone was the very first tune composed for Top Gun movie, and was co-written together with Giorgio Moroder and carried out by Kenny Loggins.

Take My Breath Away was likewise co-written with Giorgio Moroder, and was carried out by the band Berlin.

Upon its release, Take My Breath Away went to No. 1 on the Billboard [877 articles]” > Billboard Hot 100, and later on won both an Academy Award for Best Original Song and a Golden Globe for Best Original Song.

Whitlock and Moroder even more worked together on music for movies consisting of Over the Top, American Anthem Entertainment [189 articles]” > Anthem, and Rambo III

The duo likewise composed the main signature tune for the 1988 Summer Olympics ( Hand in Hand) and the 1990 FIFA World Cup ( To Be Number One).

The acquisition of Whitlock’s brochure is the most recent in a series of current offers for Primary Wave.

Earlier this month (June), the business got a stake in the music publishing brochure of Julian Casablancas, diva of rock band The Strokes.

In May, Primary Wave [148 articles]” > Primary Wave purchased Bob Dylan’s share of supergroup The Traveling Wilburys, while in March, the business obtained all rights of Regent Music Corporation and Jewel Music Publishing Co., Inc., the publishing brochures established by music publishing legends Gene Goodman and his late sibling, Harry.

” I’m delighted that my tunes are continuing to discover brand-new audiences.”

Tom Whitlock

Tom Whitlock, stated: “I’m delighted that my tunes are continuing to discover brand-new audiences and happy that my brochure will now remain in the hands of a business like Primary Wave who will continue to look after my music and keep my tradition alive moving on in time.

” We are thrilled to obtain the famous brochure of prominent songwriter Tom Whitlock.”

Justin Shukat, Primary Wave Music

Justin Shukat, President of Primary Wave Music, included: “We are thrilled to get the famous brochure of popular songwriter Tom Whitlock.

” He goes on, “His timeless tune ‘Danger Zone’ shows that famous tunes will stand the test of time as it has actually discovered brand-new audiences upon the release of Top Gun: Maverick. 30 years later on, the tune is when again climbing up the charts revealing the remaining power of a really renowned piece of music.” Music Business Worldwide

Source: Primary Wave Music gets brochure of ‘Danger Zone’ co-writer Tom Whitlock

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Primary Wave Music acquires catalog of ‘Danger Zone’ co-writer Tom Whitlock - Click To Share

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