No, Germany Did Not Deny RAF C-17 s Bound For Ukraine Access to Its Airspace

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File image of Royal Air Force 99 Squadron C17 airplane removing from RAF Brize Norton. (Image credit: RAF/Crown Copyright). In packages: the C-17 s path on Jan. 17, 2022 (ADSBExchange by means of George Allison)

The choice to prevent the German airspace was made intentionally by the Royal Air Force C-17 s and the British were not actually required to fly around the German area.

Contrary to media reports released on Jan. 17, 2022, Germany did not reject British C-17 transportation airplane access to their airspace. RAF’s C-17 s were apparently bring light anti-armor weapons to Ukraine, to intensify the regional defences as a repercussion of the Russian military accumulation near the Ukrainian border.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace revealed London’s strategies to provide Ukraine with light anti-tank defense weapons throughout a speech in the UK Parliament.

” Tens of countless Russian soldiers are placed near the Ukrainian border. Their implementation is not regular, and they are geared up with tanks, armoured battling cars, rocket weapons, and short-range ballistic rockets,” Wallace stated in a declaration to your home of Commons on the circumstance in Ukraine the other day.

” We, and our Allies, have genuine and genuine cause for issue that the setup and scale of the force being put together, supported by Russian air and maritime long-range strike abilities stationed in the area, might be utilized for the function of performing a multi-axis intrusion of Ukraine.”

” We have actually taken the choice to provide Ukraine with light, anti-armour, protective weapon systems. A little number of UK workers will likewise offer early-stage training for a brief time period, within the structure of Operation ORBITAL, prior to then going back to the United Kingdom.”

Speculations that the shipment of the revealed anti-armour weapons might have taken a various path since of Berlin’s rejection began to flow observing the path followed by the RAF Globemaster III freight airplane on flight tracking sites: the C-17 s flew throughout the Danish and Polish airspaces rather of going “direct” through the German airspace.

BREAKING NEWS|British C-17 transportation airplane are presently shuttling anti-armour weapons to Ukraine in the face of increasing Russian rhetoric.

— George Allison (@geoallison) January 17, 2022

While the real path selected for a military transportation flight depends upon a number of elements (time of the day, Diplomatic Clearances currently readily available, flight constraints, active NOTAMs, weather condition, and so on) the primary theory on social networks was that the airplane were required to fly beyond the German airspace due to the fact that Berlin had actually rejected the clearance to do so.

However, things got clarified on Jan. 18, 2022, when Julian Roepcke released a tweet today, specifying that the German MoD did not reject the C-17 s flying from Brize Norton through the German Airspace.

The German defence ministry states it did not prohibit the UK from utilizing German airspace for its C-17 flights to Ukraine; just that it got no such application. (See ZDWHG

— Tom Nuttall (@tom_nuttall) January 18, 2022

In truth, it appears that the choice to prevent the German airspace was made intentionally by the RAF organizers, and the British C-17 s were not truly required to fly around the German area: airplane bring particular sort of freight and/or weapons need a devoted clearance that the UK did not request (for factors yet to be revealed– although time may have been an aspect here); thus the path preventing the German airspace.

At the very same time, as kept in mind by a number of press reporters and experts, while the nature of their objective is entirely various, Germany has no issue in permitting NATO SIGINT/ELINT properties to fly through its airspace on their method to Ukraine, were a number of ISR (Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance) airplane are running in nowadays, to watch on the motion of forces near the borders.

Fun truth for those decrying Germany apparently obstructing allied flights to #Ukraine: Here’s one crossing Germany. (Cargo flights with hazardous products like ammo need a devoted clearance, which the UK did not request according to @BMVg_Bundeswehr)

— thomas_wiegold (@thomas_wiegold) January 18, 2022

Indeed, as a repercussion of the reported military accumulation of Russian forces in the area we have actually observed a spike in U.S. and NATO monitoring over northern and eastern Ukraine, with the participation of RC-135 s and E-8C Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS).


-USAF RC135 W Rivet Joint JAKE11


— Manu Gómez (@GDarkconrad) January 18, 2022

The E-8C J is a joint U.S. Air Force– Army program whose abilities were explained in a previous post we released here at The Aviationist:

The JSTARS is an air-borne fight management, command and control, intelligence, monitoring and reconnaissance platform. It utilizes a multi-mode side looking radar to find, track, and categorize moving ground lorries deep behind firing line. Its main objective is to offer theater ground and air leaders with ground security to support attack operations and targeting: through an antenna that can be slanted to either side of the airplane to establish a 120- degree field of vision, the JSTARS can cover almost 19,305 square miles (50,000 square kilometers) and discover targets from a range of 250 kilometers. The E-8C’s function is to develop and upgrade the image of the battleground, focusing on ground and moving targets, the radar has likewise restricted AEW-like abilities: it can likewise spot helicopters, turning antennas and low, slow-moving set wing airplane even though these are partly concealed in the ground mess. Monitoring information can be communicated in near-real time to the Army and Marine Corps commonalities stations and to other ground command, control, interactions, computer systems and intelligence, or C4I, nodes.

The E-8C can be especially helpful to watch on the Russian forces that have actually been relocated to Ukraine’s northern neighbour Belarus for joint military workouts, in a relocation thought to increase worries in the west that Moscow is getting ready for an intrusion. An intrusion that Ukraine prepares to confront with the aid of NATO weapon products, like those supposedly provided by the British C-17 s.


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Source: No, Germany Did Not Deny RAF C-17 s Bound For Ukraine Access to Its Airspace

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