Meta will blend crypto, gaming, and capitalism

  • Meta by Mark Zuckerberg will bring opportunities that will be beyond the limitations of the real world
  • Axie Infinity could be considered as a glimpse of what we are going to witness in the future
  • Axie has already brought significant shift in the gaming industry

Meta that has been introduced by the CEO of the global social media giant Facebook. It is known that Mark Zuckerberg had dreamed to create such a metaverse where everyone’s plugged into a virtual reality (VR). Indeed, Zuckerberg believes that the metaverse is the next frontier. It is going to bea sort of place where everyone will be able to teleport, make things happen merely , and effectively step beyond the limitations of the real world to a new digital and brave world.

Boom of GameFi trend

At the forefront of this GameFi trend there is Axie Infinity, which has already generated more than $2.5 billion in trading volume. The game centers a normal character that fights and breeds in a simple game of strategy, rather like a high end realistic game. Still it is loved by players because aside from earning stars or hearts or in-game coins, or crushed candies, the players get something much more valuable that is known as “Smooth Love Potion”. 

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Notably, the Smooth Love Potion is a digital token that can possibly be converted into real money. Indeed, Axie Infinity is currently providing us a glimpse of what we can expect from Meta in the future. The project shows that players can earn digital assets, and how it is a key pillar of the metaverse works and why would anyone ever try to enter the sphere.

Meta will also have NFTs in the metaverse

On the Axie Infinity metaverse, players can now purchase Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).  With such collectibles the platform has become the single most valuable collection of such tokens anywhere yet. However it is notable that such crypto collectibles in GameFi aren’t just a link to digital files. Such tokens interact, and also appreciates over time. It is tremendous that for playing a small 2D game, a user can earn money or collectibles that are highly valuable in today’s world. Simultaneously, in Meta we can also find such digital collectibles spread everywhere across the metaverse.

Shift of the gaming world

It is incredible to say that gaming is also becoming a career. And in such a metaverse of Axie, a player can be a bit like a banker, as they can create their own guild that is built around their online persona. 

A player can own unique NFTs and the members of their guild can play them and help earn more digital assets. Later the profits get split among the players. And everyone will be able to earn and make a passive income through such a metaverse, where there are numerous things that can be done. 

Ultimately, we can conclude that Axie Infinity shows a glimpse of what Mark Zuckerberg has dreamt and trying to bring in a form of a VR metaverse. Besides entertainment and connectivity, Meta would also bring tremendous opportunities for its global users.

Source: Meta will blend crypto, gaming, and capitalism

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