Lufthansa Pilots Vote for Industrial Action


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Lufthansa’s pilots have actually enacted favor of commercial action, provoking more disturbance throughout the hectic summertime travel season. There is a possibility of a pilot strike.

The vote does not always suggest a strike. Still, it indicated to the company that it needed to take positive actions, pilot’s union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) board member Marcel Groels commented.

” We now require a contemporary and reasonable worldwide competitive reimbursement structure in all occupational groups. This beneficial tally does not yet always result in strike action. It is an apparent signal to Lufthansa to take the requirements of cockpit personnel seriously, “he included.

Pilots’ union VC requires a 5.5% pay increase this year for its pilots and automated inflation settlement. It likewise desires a consistent pay structure for all personnel at the Lufthansa group’s airline companies, consisting of flagship provider Lufthansa and spending plan system Eurowings.

Lufthansa was currently rocked by strike action by its ground personnel on Wednesday, requiring the provider to cancel more than 1,000 flights.

Source: Reuters

Source: Lufthansa Pilots Vote for Industrial Action

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