LOT Polish Airlines Returns to India

LOT Boeing 787

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LOT Polish Airlines will commence guest flights to Mumbai from May 31,2022 It likewise resumes flights to Delhi from March 29, 2022.

There hasactually been a two-year break due to the pandemic scenario in India, however now LOT Polish Airlines is allset for long-haul flights to be ran by Boeing 787 thrice weekly.

“India is one of the most unique locations in our flight network. We are thrilled that after a pandemic-related break, our flagship airplane can onceagain land at Delhi’s IGI Airport. Ensuring a direct connection is an necessary aspect in conditioning Polish-Indian cooperation. It is likewise a fantastic deal for Poles picking India as their vacation location. I think that guests stemming from Delhi will likewise value the relaunch of this connection, which will allow them to conveniently travel to numerous cities throughout Europe and North America – states Rafał Milczarski, President of the Management Board, LOT Polish Airlines.

“LOT Polish Airlines is delighted to supply India comingfrom guests a practical flight alternative to Europe, the United States and Canada. Passengers can perfectly and trouble-free link bymeansof Warsaw, offering visitors what they worth. LOT releases its flagship airplane on the Delhi and Mumbai paths, and to cater to the Indian customer, Indian meals and inflight homeentertainment consistingof Bollywood motionpictures will be readilyavailable for visitors,” states Amit Ray, Director India, LOT Polish Airlines.

Source: LOT Polish Airlines

Source: LOT Polish Airlines Returns to India.

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