Lemonada Media Announces $8 Million in Series A Funding

Lemonada Media logoLemonada Media, the podcast network that provides mankind unfiltered, revealed it hasactually raised $8 million in Series A (second round) financing led by BDMI, a entirely owned subsidiary of the worldwide media services and education business Bertelsmann.

Also consistedof in this round are Madison Wells, Greycroft, Spring Point Partners LLC, Intuition Capital, and Owl Capital Group. New and existing person financiers consistof Wendy Millard, vice chair of MediaLink, and Stephanie Hannon, CTO for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 governmental project, as well as Blue Collective, Lemonada’s lead seed financier and biggest outside financier to date.

Co-founded by Jessica Cordova Kramer and Stephanie Wachs, Lemonada’s objective is to present genuine first-person stories that emphasize the varied human experience and make us all feel less alone. Lemonada is gettingin its 3rd year of operation with a growing slate of 20 initial podcasts, reaching millions of listeners per month.

In 2021, Lemonada tripled its income, included 10 brand-new reveals, created and trademarked an audio truth studio (BEING Studios) led by truth star veteran Kasey Barrett, and co-created initial reveals like Written Off with Jay Ells’ Black Bar Mitzvah and Believe Her with publishing home Spiegel & Grau, which introduced at the leading podcast charts. The network likewise has its eye on continued international growth, after notching No. 1 reveals in Europe with In Grio con Fra (Italy) and As Me with Sinéad (Ireland).

“Anyone working with Lemonada gets out of bed in the earlymorning to aid make the world a muchbetter location. This financing will permit our independent, varied, women-led, audio-first network to not just grow our slate, however to broaden our group, brandname, and organizational collaborations, and developer neighborhood,” states Lemonada CEO Cordova Kramer. “In addition to or KPIs around audience and income, one objective throughout this time is to keep a eager eye on variety, with the objective of reaching brand-new audiences in the U.S. and beyond.”

“This is a thrilling minute for Lemonada, enabling our personnel, hosts and partners to keep innovating, reach bigger audiences with our podcasts, and discover methods to bring our neighborhood together at live and virtual occasions” states Chief Creative Officer Wittles Wachs. “More podcasts, yes, however likewise broadening outreach and bringing more varied skill and personnel into the network, and more collaborations with brandnames who are looking to make life less with us.”

Lemonada was established in 2019 after Jess (an early manufacturer with Crooked Media) & Steph (an author, voice starlet and theater director) linked after knowing they had both lost their cherished little bros to opioid overdoses. The business’s veryfirst podcast, Last Day, narrates the opioid crisis in America by zooming in on the last day of Stefano Cordova Jr.’s life, and progresses to take a wider view of the complex epidemic.

While co-creating that series, Wittles Wachs and Cordova Kramer saw a morecomprehensive chance to make life suck less, one podcast at a time, by structure a network. The now-41 individual full-time personnel is focused in NYC, LA, Twin Cities and working flexibly throughout the nation.

Source: Lemonada Media Announces $8 Million in Series A Funding.

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