In an exclusive interview with Yannick of SwissNFTs

SwissNFTs is a Switzerland-based crypto-collectibles project. SwissNFTs concentrates on fetching NFTs into the Swiss market and recasting national monuments and canton-specific eccentricities into distinctive digital collectibles. SwissNFTs aspires to tokenize Switzerland. Notably, SwissNFTs envisions a platform for Swiss artists and art enthusiasts to securely, reliably and efficiently disseminate and trade digital art. Hence, the platform users will be able to induct and invest in digital collectibles projects. Ultimately, SwissNFTs is democratizing the Swiss digital art market by making it accessible for everyone.

Recently, Harsh Vardhan Kushwaha of The Coin Republic has interviewed Yannick, the Co-Founder of SwissNFTs. The session has covered exciting topics related to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse. Moreover, Yannick revealed that they would soon establish Generation Zero.

How did Yannick get into the blockchain world?

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It all started approximately a couple of years back when everything like the blockchain, crypto, all these things came into, like, more mainstream. Let’s put it that way. I have talked to a lot of friends, and we started talking about crypto. And we started talking about all these things. And a couple of years back, I met Yamana, also co-founder of SwissNFTs. And she is doing her doctorate at the moment at the university and is a blockchain expert, therefore, so she’s into that field. So we started really talking about the complete world, what’s actually happening, what could be done. And also a lot of friends of mine, they came into that. So I had a lot of interesting conversations. 

And at one point, I was like, Yeah, well, there’s not much there’s a lot going on into blockchain in Switzerland. Like we had crypto hubs like in Zug, Zurich, Bern, everything is like Geneva. It’s like the new technology is something that is really involved, and it’s something that is getting more and more attention, let’s put it that way. And when we’re talking, we’re like, Yeah, but there’s nothing that really represents Switzerland as of NFTs there’s nothing that we can provide to artists in Switzerland, there’s no primary hub for artists and what we then thought like, lead with AI to actually start and move is like we try our goal is really to try to make something that is for all the artists and at the end of the day, also for the consumer of NFTs in Switzerland and around the world, actually to provide them with a reliable environment, that is trustworthy. 

And that, in the long run, is something that we can actually get out of it, which means that we can build an environment for artists, creators, content creators, game creators, whatever in the future. And we will start very small at the beginning to really build up everything to actually have a long-lasting product, and not just dropping, getting the money and just leaving because, like a lot of people are doing NFTs just to get quick money. And our goal is really to build something in the long run for ten times now artists, that’s our main goal, to actually have a platform for that.

SwissNFTs is a virtuous and commendable idea

Identifying that blockchain is now on a saturation level. Now the innovation is an NFT and Metaverse, which is also a commendable thing because getting into a thing early is difficult and advantageous at the same time. And I’d like to mention that, as a startup, getting into something that is not really known is pretty difficult. And in general, for any startup, it is very difficult to get that startup to a good level to a point where it starts earning something. And it includes day and night holidays that are meant for other people and not for you. So it would be best if you worked everything off. So, SwissNFTs is a commendable idea, and it is virtuous on the other hand. As the name suggests, SwissNFTs means NFTs for Swiss Stardust and the related fields. 

Switzerland on the NFTs map

The market is global. The NFT market is a global market that is accessible for everyone with a connection to the Internet basically. And so the global part for us is really to put Switzerland on the NFT map. To actually have Swiss products on the market. And then to have that forever accessible for everyone that may relate to Switzerland, went on holiday in Switzerland, wants to go to Switzerland, thinks Switzerland is cool, Switzerland is nice. And that’s something that we are focusing on. And that we strongly believe that we are global the moment we connect to the Internet. 

So the thing is, artist wise, we really try to stay in Switzerland-focused on Switzerland for the moment. I mean, you never know what the future is giving you or what the future is bringing you. And if there’re artists around the world that are interested in doing something relatable to Swiss or have something to do with Switzerland, and at the end of the day, everyone can join. We are open to ideas from artists, and we are open to the world.

Capitalism allows artists to participate in the globalized world

I strongly believe that we are living in, let’s say, we are living in a globalized world, where capitalism is the root of many things on the Internet. What I can say or what I believe the company can do, or the company can achieve is that in the world that we’re living in, in the globalized world that we are living, that the NFT world, crypto world and the metaverse, sure it’s like a capitalistic idea. 

But the goal for us in this capitalist idea is to give something back to the artist and then work with the artist to help the artist become something because, for a lot of people, art is still something that you hang up on the wall. And the artist is good. Usually, the artist, most of the artists are not getting rewarded while they’re working. They’re usually like the people that are less, and their ancestors usually have a profit from the art of someone. And the idea here is really to have a profound understanding with the artists that we can help him commercialize his art if he’s willing to. And this is something that capitalism is giving us. And but we really try from a social perspective to give something to the artists and that they can actually participate in this globalized world.

And that takes me to the code, which is like the proverb, which is that money is the root of all evil. And two ways to eradicate this is either to delete money or give everyone enough money so that there isn’t any evil left. But both of these like pots are on the different extremes of the line. So yeah. I mean, I like the idea of basic social income. So that’s one thing that I can say, so people can create and can actually bring things forward. And that’s something that I believe in, that it could actually make the world more livable. Yeah. 

Cryptocurrency market volatility

I do believe that a lot of people are. Since it’s getting more and more mainstream, the complete crypto world is getting more and more mainstream. People who have no prior knowledge are gaining knowledge about it and want to be part of it. And they saw that a lot of people were able to actually make a fortune like they were able to really get money with that. And it’s a similar approach to trading, as at the moment that it’s easier for people to access something, they will get into something. What I believe is Bitcoin and all a lot of different cryptos that are in the market at the moment. It’s very similar to trading in shares. 

For example, if you believe in a product, you buy a product, and people are trying to make a profit with crypto. And that’s my personal belief at the moment, and people are trying to make money like real money, they can actually buy something, or provide to actually bring something that has a value to buy a good or service. And I believe that a lot of people at the moment we’re getting into it or really trying to get money out of it. And that’s why there’s the ups and downs, and they don’t see it as a currency to actually buy goods and services. That’s why I believe that there are all-time highs, and then they drop because a lot of people like big fish have the opportunity to cash out, get that money that they earned or that they gained, let’s put it that way. And that’s the drops, and then there’s the uncertainty of the future. 

Then people like small people are also selling because friends said they should sell all these things. So similar to shares. If you believe in something, keep it, and if you don’t believe in something, sell.

Regulations can impact the prices in the crypto market

The reason drop might have a lot to do with what the US is proposing, or US regulations are proposing some drops also with other countries that are trying to, let’s say, may not make a ban. Yeah, but yeah, Ban some things, try to interfere with the idea of the free, let’s say the decentralized and free opportunities, and there are countries that are trying to get something out of it, getting a profit out of it as well. And I mean, these are things, regulations that are coming in, and regulating crypto, which might be something that can actually make it grow in the future. But at the same time, it can just make it drop if there’s a regulation that people are unwilling to take.

And who would have thought of cryptocurrencies created years ago, starting with Bitcoin, and we’re going to talk about it like this, it’s going to bring so many problems with so many, you know, ideas and advantages opportunities for us. Now, that’s held a lot of capitalism that we have talked about still now. I mean, it is one of the most capitalistic systems that exist. 

SwissNFTs will soon introduce a new product

So we will actually launch our Generation Zero very soon. So we’ve been working with 3D artists in the past weeks and months, and we will actually release our first Generation Zero. It’s going to be something that has to do with sites in Switzerland, 

That’s what we are planning to do, we will plan to actually release them on a marketplace, first of all, to actually start because our goal is really to build something sustainable. Simultaneously, we are working with people we know who are creating a marketplace. So we are in a very close relationship with them. Because our main goal, as we said, is to generate a platform for artists. And dropping a marketplace without a sustainable idea doesn’t really make sense in the long run. So our goal is really to first focus on Generation Zero, besides really working on the marketplace to actually have the resources for a sustainable future.

Metaverse allows to buy and reuse anything

What’s very interesting is that if you take it as, “Oh, yes, Second Life,” for example, there’s so many things that you can actually do in the NFT World. One thing that I always came up with is that I love playing FIFA, on PlayStation. I’m a big FIFA player. And I mean, I buy these players. But the players are online, and I can use them. So I basically rent the player. It’s not my play, and I don’t gain anything out of it or have to play with that player. It’s not something that is. Actually, I mean, I don’t own the player. And one thing that is very interesting in the metaverse part is the part that we can actually buy something and reuse it. 

For example, you have an image, and you have a sound. You have a 3D object that you can somehow use. I mean, we don’t know all the use cases that actually exist at the moment that the future is going to bring. We can build games, we can build so many things in it, that the future, as the opportunities on it are unheard of. And if I think about SwissNFTs and our first generation, if you own one of our images, first of all, we’re going to Ghana. And you can hang it in your, and you have this metaverse, that is if you have a huge billboard, you could actually put it on that billboard, I mean, some people, the fortnight idea, for example, to really build to put that the some NFTs in it actually to generate something. All these things are coming up. So it’s limitless, and the problem of limitless is that you can make a lot of mistakes.

Metaverse could have some security concerns

Hacking is basically impossible. But the thing is, it wasn’t impossible to hack a computer before they hacked it the first time. So, I mean, if one day we’re going to get quantum computing, and it’s calculating like that. I mean, there’s nothing as fast as that. 

So who knows what it brings, but at the same time, it gives a lot of opportunities for the future. So I don’t know if you’re all part and we all have Neuralink’s chip, and what will be the thing. So we are trying to manipulate people as we are doing it right now with talking to someone like you can manipulate someone in a psychological way if you know how to manipulate someone.

So I mean, it’s just changing the way on how to manipulate but is that really something that’s going to happen. There’s going to be evil people everywhere. So I hope it’s not. I hope it’s secure. But you never know what the future brings.

NFTs and gaming metaverse is flourishing in the digital ecosystem. These virtual worlds have given new opportunities to gamers to make real money while doing what they adore to do. Despite conceiving this as a wretched nightmare, individuals need to ponder the positives of the shift. Although the virtual world seems peculiar, we would soon witness real applications coming.

To know more about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies ecosystem, do check out our podcasts streaming from all the popular apps. To learn more, you can check out our community page.

Source: In an exclusive interview with Yannick of SwissNFTs

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