How This Self-Made Single Mom Found Financial Independence and More Time to Spend With Her 3 Kids

After Aariah Woods, a mom of 3, dove into the world of affiliate marketing, she started to understand her entrepreneurial dreams. Here’s her motivating story and finest ideas for following in her steps.

By Maressa Brown March 04, 2022

Growing up in New York, Aariah Woods looked up to her dad and grandpa who were both businessowners. Her grandpa was a genuine estate broker, and her papa owned a barber store. “I constantly desired to have my own service and desired to be effective,” she describes.

But when her grandpa passed and her daddy fell on tough times, Woods likewise discovered herself in an unanticipated position—her finest buddy was notable to take care of her kids, so Woods stepped in as their godmother. “It was actually like endingupbeing a momsanddad overnight,” she remembers. “I discovered a lot about putting other little individuals .”

Whenever she thoughtabout her own actions, she believed, “How can I make life muchbetter for them?”

It assisted her start working even harder. Woods had a task at a healthcarefacility, however duetothefactthat of the low payment, she started checkingout other alternatives. “I stumbled throughout affiliate marketing,” she keepsinmind. Affiliates make a commission for marketing another individual’s or business’s items.

“It simply opened my eyes to social media and the entire world of e-commerce,” states Woods. “That concept of me desiring to be a company owner allofasudden came hurrying back.”

She leapt into it. And when one of Woods’ videos—for a roadside support insurancecoverage business she was working for—went viral and she made $1,100 in a week, she started linking with other businessowners who were running e-commerce organizations. She quickly recognized that if she might be effective selling somebody else’s items, she might definitely do the verysame for her own item.

Soon, Woods was able to start her own hair care business Bellah Roze by utilizing cash from each income she got from her affiliate marketing task to gradually collect all she required to launch her company. “I was winging it at veryfirst, however then I began to take a lot of online classes,” she states. Those classes supplied the assistance she required to get her business up and running. She began making six-figures by her 3rd year in organization.

Eventually, Woods was motivated to start sharing her understanding with others. “I began to put whatever that I’ve discovered in regard to affiliate marketing or e-commerce into courses,” she states. That’s how her training service started.

Now, Woods states she and her household are able to live easily, and she continues to dream larger and larger. “I desire to continue scaling my company, so that I have a structure for generations to come,” she notes.

She’s likewise exceptionally proud of her kids—her 2 oldest have began their own services as well—and grateful for the flexibility this profession course hasactually paidfor her in terms of being able to invest more time with them.

“My whole journey has taught me so much, however one of the finest things that I can state that I got out of it is not just being able to offer for my household and not having to concern about if we’re going to pay the lease, however the chance to invest a lot of time with them,” states Woods. “That was one of the most crucial things for me—actually being able to be a mama and not be stuck at a task all day, come house wornout, and not be able to really invest that quality time with my kids.”

Here are Woods’ finest entrepreneurial pointers for assisting your organization flourish.

Find Your Niche

The veryfirst action to beginning a organization is to discover a specificniche. “Even if it appears saturated, it’s actually not, since it doesn’t have you,” points out Woods. “You may be the one to come in and take over that whole specificniche, duetothefactthat what you’re providing, no one else is.”

And be sure it’s a specificniche that you genuinely love, encourages Woods, as that will promote your interest in sticking with it in the long-run.

Use Influencer Marketing

“There is a lot of power in influencer marketing,” keepsinmind Woods. “When I veryfirst began out, I would usage influencers to grow my companies.” That suggested utilizing them to display her items or paying them to reveal a launch.

By enjoying influencers promote her items, Woods likewise chose up a new variety of abilities that led to endingupbeing an influencer herself. That enabled her to effectively start promoting her own brandname.

Offer Customers Some Perks

Woods states one of the things that assisted her business reach its veryfirst $1,000 in a day was utilizing recommendation and discountrate codes.

“Of course individuals love totallyfree things,” she states. “So when individuals come to your site, they get something complimentary, the client they’re referring gets something complimentary, and that endsupbeing a sale and what we call a conversion for you.”

Focus On Your Own Efforts

While it’s natural to feel competitive from time to time, specifically while utilizing social media to utilize your service, wear’t concern about what other individuals are doing, states Woods. Stay focused on what you’re working towards.

“Don’t concern if you wear’t have a lot of fans,” she states. “I didn’t have a lot of fans to start with… But as long as you commit your time and your efforts into whatever service it is that you desire, it’s certainly obtainable.”

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