Heinz Kraft expands recall; Tang, Arizona Tea now on list because of glass, metal

Following recalls in the U.S. and Canada, Heinz Kraft is now recalling 41 of its Arizona Tea, Tang, Country Time and Kool-Aid from the marketplace because of the potential of small glass or metal in the products.

The “best when used by” dates stretch into November of 2023, according to a company recall notice posted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The notice says the gas and metal pieces may have been introduced during the production of the products.

“The issue was first discovered during an internal review at the manufacturing facility. The company is actively working with retail partners and distributors to remove potentially impacted product from circulation,” according to a statement from Heinz Kraft.

“Consumers who purchased these items, listed below, should not consume the product and can either return it to the store where it was purchased, or discard it.” 

Consumers can contact Kraft Heinz at U.S. Consumer Relations at 855-713-9237 and Canada Consumer Relations at 855-268-1775.

To determine whether they have any of the products in their homes, they can use the following label information.

Product Size Name of Product Individual Package Best Before Date Individual Package UPC
73 oz Arizona Arnold Palmer 08/05/23 through 09/10/23 043000086643
82.5oz Country Time Lemonade 8/6/2023 through 10/22/23 043000928608
63 oz Country Time Lemonade 8/8/2023 through 9/6/23 043000082195
58.9 oz Tang Orange 8/11/2023 through 10/04/23 043000082171
63oz. Kool- Aid Tropical Punch 8/12/2023 through 9/22/23 043000082164
82.5oz. Kool- Aid Tropical Punch 8/18/2023 through 9/22/23 043000957400
82.5oz Kool-Aid Tropical Punch 8/17/2023 through 10/05/23 043000957400
82.5oz Country Time Pink Lemonade 8/20/2023 through 9/27/23 043000928615
82.5oz Country Time Pink Lemonade 8/20/23 043000928615
82.5oz Country Time Pink Lemonade 9/17/23 043000928615
72 oz Tang Orange 8/21/2023 through 9/20/23 043000032268
72 oz Tang Orange 8/22/2023 through 9/28/23 043000032268
82.5 oz 82.5Z Country Time HLF&HLF 34 QT/6 8/24/23 043000046012
82.5 oz Kool- Aid Tropical Punch 8/31/2023 through 10/06/23 043000957400
63 oz Country Time Pink Lemonade 9/6/2023 through 9/7/23 043000082188
63 oz Kool-Aid Strawberry Cherry 10/2/23 043000082201
20 oz Kool- Aid Raspberry Lemonade 8/5/2023 through 10/18/23 043000954072
20 oz Tang Orange 8/6/2023 through 10/23/23 043000032275
20 oz Tang Orange 5/15/2023 through 10/22/23 043000032275
19 oz Kool-Aid Cherry 8/9/23 043000953532
18 oz Tang Guava Pineapple 8/13/23 043000064511
19 oz Country Time Lemonade 8/11/2023 through 09/11/23 043000951170
19 oz Country Time Pink Lemonade 8/30/2023 through 9/13/23 043000951149
19 oz Kool- Aid Tropical Punch 6/12/2023 through 10/20/23 043000953501
19 oz 19Z Countrty Time HALF&HALF 8QT/12 9/13/2023 through 9/14/23 043000046005
19oz Kool-Aid Tropical Punch 8/31/2023 through 10/19/23 043000953501
19 oz Kool-Aid Strawberry 10/18/2023 through 10/19/23 043000953556
6.7 oz Country Time “on the go” Lemonade 10 pack 9/20/2023 through 10/04/23 43000010983
6.6 oz Kool -Aid Tropical Punch “on the go” 10 pack 10/19/2023 through 11/01/23 043000023464
63oz. 63oz Kool- Aid Twin pack Tropical Punch 8/16/2023 through 8/17/23 043000089712
29 oz Country Time Lemonade 12 qt 8/10/23 043000951194
116oz. Country Time Powdered Soft Drink Sugar Sweetened

Lemonade, pack of 4
5/10/2023 through 8/10/23 043000075388
19 oz Country Time Lemonade Drink Mix, 6 pack case 6/20/2023 through 8/12/23 043000951170
2.4 kg Country Time Original Lemonade 9/15/23 661880533800
2.2 kg Tang Orange 8/20/2023 through 8/21/23 661880575900
82.5 oz EXPORT 82.5Z SSKA TROP PNCH 6 8/18/23 4300001464
20 oz EXPORT 20Z TANG ORNG 6QT 12 8/9/23 430000322700
19 oz EXPORT 19Z KA CHRY SS 8QT KOREA EXP 12 8/8/2023 through 8/9/23 430000341600
19 oz EXPORT 19Z CT HALF&HALF 8QT/12 9/14/23 430000460000
82.5 oz EXPORT 82.5Z CT HLF&HLF 34 QT/6 8/24/23 430000460100
19 oz EXPORT 19Z SSKA TROP PNCH    12 9/5/2023 through 9/6/23 430009535000

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Source: Heinz Kraft expands recall; Tang, Arizona Tea now on list because of glass, metal

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