From Kevin Gilbert and Nina Wolfgang: Couple’s 36 Year Covid Love Story & How We Survived an End of the World Cult

BURNS, OR, May 13, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Our names are Kevin Gilbert and Nina Wolfgang. Our premiering website has several immediate release pre-written articles about how we escaped Covid and the end of the world.

How we fell in love after living together for 36 years. How Covid and “end of the world cults and theories” brought us together and we fell deeply in love. How we decoded all the YouTube videos, movies, shows and language to find happiness. At age 60 today, how we changed our diet 10 years ago and became stronger than anytime in our lives.

The story: The end of the world cult we were in has a premise sold to us and it’s concept and it’s promoters are still actively recruiting new members to survive an ‘Empcoe’ or ‘Plasma Apocalypse’ in the near future, that will kill all Humanity.

We are currently members of a group who all escaped or were abandoned by an ‘Empcoe’ end of the world cult. We all ended our relationships with family and sold everything and moved to the NW deserts of America and other strategic locations.

Our cult was on (YouTube for free at first then paid memberships to private sites of BAL33 – Brian Austin Lambert aka Robert Lambert and MIA’s New Pair of Glasses aka Kimberly Giordano) Our leaders vanished in the middle of our cult learning on Feb 26 2021. Remaining members joined together on a private Discord server. We share intimate stories there, actively, today. Nina and I have our own Discord public channel for anyone to join and discuss these topics.

We are the first to go public and our story climaxes after 36 years together and falling in love for the first time.

We have for immediate release, pre-written articles on and that you can use. We also discovered the proof of everything and the perfect plan for Humanity. Those stories can be found at and

Best regards Kevin Gilbert and Nina Wolfgang

[email protected]
PH 406 702 0734
PO Box 822
Burns Oregon 97720

We are two regular people who have always been entrepreneurs and have lived together as a couple for 36 years. We come from writing and academic backgrounds. We study the world’s seemingly endless messages through songs, TV, books and the language. All seem to have the same message. We have found the decodes and wish to share them, open source style.

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