Fountain Launches Liquidity Mining Program, Attracts $15 Million TVL in 24 hrs

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Singapore, 14th March 2022 — Decentralized cross-chain financing platform Fountain Protocol hasactually released a liquidity mining program on the Oasis mainnet, bringin over $15 million in TVL (total worth locked) within 24 hours.

The strong launch makes Fountain Protocol a third-place ranking as compared to all other procedures on the Oasis public chain, in terms of TVL. It likewise positions them in the leading area for loaning and loaning procedures.

To assistance the launch, Fountain Protocol’s FTP token hasactually been noted on the Oasis-based decentralized exchange YuzuSwap. The token boasted a rate boost of as high as 500% at launch.

The liquidity mining program presently uses high APR for liquidity providers and customers, offering a excellent possibility for revenues.

“Borrowing and loaning procedures are essential for the advancement of DeFi, and Oasis is a best blockchain for our procedure,” stated Fountain Protocol COO. “With Oasis, we can deal 99% lower gas charges than Ethereum, with really high effectiveness and straight-out personalprivacy defense. Fountain will offer the outright finest loaning and financing experience for our users.”

Fountain has a prospering neighborhood eager to see it prosper. Prior to its mainnet launch, over 30 thousand wallet addresses signedupwith the Fountain testnet to assistance the procedure in its beta stage. The procedure likewise passed audits by PeckShield and Verilog, verifying for its users that Fountain is a protected platform to negotiate on.

Following its liquidity mining program, Fountain Protocol has an enthusiastic roadmap prepared. The objective is to maintain the Fountain Lending Pool as the core company, while broadening out to other blockchains and structure out several earnings streams with numerous usage cases. Future scheduled services consistof utilize trading and cross-chain financing.

Fountain Protocol is the veryfirst cross-chain loaning platform powered by Oasis. The procedure allows users to experience high capital performance and one-stop management of DeFi properties. Taking benefit of the incredibly effective and affordable Oasis Network, Fountain Protocol develops a multi-revenue procedure with the Fountain Lending Pool as the core and several usage cases.


Source: Fountain Launches Liquidity Mining Program, Attracts $15 Million TVL in 24 hrs.

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