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Publisher’s Platform: The Dave Theno Food Safety Fellowship needs the food industry to step up – come on – put your food safety money where your mouth is!

Lauren would have been thirty-six this year, but because of the Jack-in-the Box E. coli Outbreak she will be forever six.We were proud to donate $100,000 to start the fellowship – I am putting up another $50,000 tomorrow.The national nonprofit public health organization STOP Foodborne Illness is accepting applicants for its 2022-2023 Dave Theno Food…

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England sees decline in E. coli O157 cases and outbreaks

The number of E. coli O157 infections in England shows a downward trend, according to a study covering 11 years of surveillance data. From 2009 to 2019, there were 8,295 Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) O157 infections reported to national surveillance and 1,472 were classed as outbreak cases. In England, E. coli O157 is a…

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Bribery at border brings felony charge for USDA technician

USDA Lead Animal Health Technician Roberto Adams has pleaded not guilty to the felony charge of bribery of a public official and demanded a jury trial. A Grand Jury indictment accuses Adams of accepting bribes from March 2019 through November 2021 to allow tick-infested and diseased cattle to enter the United States without inspection or…

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