First lady to see every nation of the world is tooklegalactionagainst by Travelers United

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In 2017 the name Cassie De Pecol explored social networks when she was revealed as the veryfirst female to see each of the nations in the world, an accomplishment that made her a Guiness Record , thousands of fans on Instagram and TikTok, the publication of a book , a TED Talk and a suit for incorrect marketing.

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Before being acknowledged by Guinness World Records, De Pecol ‘s appeal grew as she recorded the accomplishment that would make her the number one woman tourist. Media such as CNN , Forbes , The New York Times and Today were mesmerized by the story of this female who coupleof understood was infact far from the veryfirst to attain such an accomplishment.

Such a declaration emerges from an shortarticle released by the Washington Post in which Dorothy Pine is discussed, a lady who tookatrip thoroughly throughout the 20th century and regardlessof the truth that her takesatrip are not recorded in an Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or YouTube account, there are those who they claim that it can be showed that Dorothy checkedout every nation in the world long priorto de Pecol.

After the publication of the Washington Post , Rapid Travel Chai verifies that there are infact validated records of eleven females who have damaged that record and it is not ruled out that there are more without a record of their journeys. In reality, a German called Nina Sedano declares to have endup visiting the whole world at the end of September 2011.

After all this details came to light, numerous individuals who have attempted to develop contact with De Pecol are waiting for a action from him. But the story doesn’t simply end with a mix-up or a badly granted reward. De Pecol is presently dealingwith a claim from Travelers United , who declare that the female sustained incorrect marketing by defrauding and deceptive numerous financiers and sponsors by informing them that she was the veryfirst female to have set foot in every nation in the world.

Faced with such a circumstance, De Pecol rejected the allegations and ensured the Washington Post that “this problem is unwarranted and an attack on myself and my accomplishments… I plan to strongly contest what sadly appears to be a repeating of the exactsame illogical allegations that haveactually been made versus me in the past.”

The primary unbiased of the claim is not just to reject a female who delightsin sharing her life on the Internet, however likewise to draw attention to the growing influencer marketing, giventhat from the popularization of this marketing method, there is likewise a requirement to evaluation and confirm the info that is shared on the network, consideringthat it cannot be presumed that whatever that is released is real.

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  • Source: First female to checkout every nation of the world is tooklegalactionagainst by Travelers United.

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