First Airbus A320 FTD Level 2 at BAA Training Spain in Barcelona

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A brand-new cuttingedge Airbus A320 Flight Training Device (FTD) Level 2 is allset for training at BAA Training Spain. It is one of a coupleof gadgets of this kind in Europe with Level 2 accreditation. It provides high-fidelity training performance: the cockpit, visual system, and softwareapplication are similar to a complete flight simulator (FFS), otherthan it does not have a hydraulic movement system. 

The FTD assurances more appealing training rates for consumers when it changes the FFS to total MCC, JOC and other training.

Managing Director of BAA Training Spain, Aurimas Urbonas, states: “By presenting an FFS and FTD devices mix, we are offering our business and specific consumers with an chance to usage their spendingplan designated to the training much more effectively. They can now book extra training hours to refine their pilot abilities, surpassing the EASA requirements. Many airlinecompanies face an concern that their pilots who have briefly been out of the flight deck start losing their proficiencies. The FTD gadget provides a structured service to aid them recuperate their abilities rapidly.”

Apart from MCC and JOC, parts of Type Rating can be finished on FTD Level 2. BAA Training strategies to use this gadget for carryingout up to 20% of Type Rating atfirst, which will possibly be extended to 50% in the future. This devices will likewise be utilized for Recurrent training and other courses under OM-D lateron on.

BAA Training Spain presently runs the following simulators: Airbus A320ceo, Airbus A320ceo/neo, Boeing 737 MAX and A320 FTD Level 2 gadget. An extra Boeing 737 MAX FTD Level 2 will be provided to the Spanish center in May 2022.

In overall, 8 FTD Level 2 simulators are prepared to be provided and put into service throughout various BAA Training places: in Lithuania, Vietnam, Spain and France.

Source: BAA Tdrizzling

Source: First Airbus A320 FTD Level 2 at BAA Training Spain in Barcelona.

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