Exclusive Whistleblower Video: Pennsylvania Election Workers Discuss Hiding ‘Derogatory’ Records

A brand-new whistleblower video acquired by The Federalist reveals Delaware County, Pennsylvania election employees talking about methods to conceal from the general public “bad” details about the management and administration of the November 2020 election. The video is more proof of scams carried out to hide the extensive infractions of Pennsylvania election law that happened throughout in 2015’s governmental election, according to a source acquainted with the recording.

The video, surreptitiously tape-recorded by whistleblower Regina Miller, is among lots of Miller took while working as an agreement worker for the county. Miller started privately tape-recording the behind-the-scenes conduct after seeing worrying habits by numerous election authorities, an individual with understanding of a claim submitted last month versus county election authorities, based in part on the recordings, informed The Federalist.

In that claim, Delaware County citizens Ruth Moton, Leah Hoopes, and Gregory Stenstrom, in addition to the Friends of Ruth Moton project, declared previous Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, Delaware County, the Delaware County Board of Elections, and more than a lots specific election authorities damaged election records and conspired to do so, to conceal offenses of election law.

Among the election law infractions, according to the suit, was the failure of the accuseds to fix up the votes after the close of the surveys, as needed by Pennsylvania’s election code. Unlike the other claims that followed the November 2020 election and declared claims under the U.S. Constitution or state election codes, the petition in Moton v. Boockvar focuses rather on the accuseds’ supposed scams to cover up those supposed infractions.

In reality, 4 of the 5 counts stated in the court filing were predicated on Pennsylvania’s civil law of scams and misstatement. The scams and misstatement, according to the petition, included the offenders’ supposed damage of proof and their supposed representation of compliance with a May 21, 2021 Right to Know Request submitted with Delaware County.

That demand, according to sources with understanding of the claim, looked for paperwork from the county to verify the November 2020 election results that were accredited. According to the Moton suit, the Right to Know demand particularly asked for the “last qualified return sheets from the November 3, 2020 basic election” for all Delaware County precints, in addition to the connected device tapes from the ballot devices. Considerably, as we will see, the demand likewise requested “any extra notes composed on the back of the return sheet, along with any connected notes that relate to each return sheet.”

The most current video acquired by The Federalist appears shot not long after the Right to Know demand, showing a June 3, 2021 date. The recording reveals 2 males recognized by a source near the matter as Delaware County election authorities James Ziegelhoffer and Delaware County legal representative Tom Gallagher.

The video records the duo skimming a box significant November 2020 “return sheets,” with the specific determined to The Federalist as Gallagher stating: “When we Xerox these return sheets there are notes on these return sheets and we are going to need to cover them over with paper. Someone composed on there ‘this is an outrageous example.”

The male determined by sources as Ziegelhoffer, whom county records reveal held the position of “Judge of Election” for the Western Precinct in the Media Borough, is heard on the recording stating, “So, like, any bad or whatever.”

” Right,” the tape records the obviously more senior election authorities reacting, then including that “the majority of the things is composed on the back so we’re alright.”

The 2 then finger through the return sheets, appearing to talk about the markings, with Gallagher heard stating, “Okay that’s fine. You understand what I’m stating, ‘declined to come in,'” an obvious referral to a note he desired covered when copies were made in action to the Right to Know demand.

This latter exchange appears to validate that Delaware County’s issue was just the bad handwritten notes which in offering the responsive files to the Right to Know demand the authorities left unblocked any benign writing when making the copies.

Videos formerly gotten by The Federalist offer more proof of this obviously uncomfortable conduct, along with some tips to the kind of “bad” info associated to the management and administration of the November 2020 election the complainants declare Delaware County authorities tried to conceal.

In among those earlier videos, the whistleblower recorded a discussion she had with the specific recognized to The Federalist as Ziegelhoffer, according to a source with understanding of the claim. Ziegelhoffer, likewise referred to as Ziggy, is the guy revealed on this tape stating, “What we have here … is proof.? Let them figure that out.”

The whistleblower reacts: “Yes, however what I do not comprehend and this makes– truthfully this makes me anxious. Is why tapes were being gotten rid of?”

After Ziggy starts to reject the claim, “No, no tapes were,” Miller cuts him off: “No, you men have been discarding tapes … so what tapes are you getting rid of? Like why?” After another brief exchange in which Miller advises him that “you need to wait for 22 months,” a recommendation to federal retention requireds, Ziegelhoffer acknowledges, “Yes, there are tapes that are being tossed,” however he then validates their disposal by worrying, “They are of no audit worth.”

That video then ends with a shot of different documents associated to the November 2020 election, consisting of torn files displayed in a big trash bin. A close-up of a few of the documentation records a few of the notes connected to, or composed on, the election sheets, seen listed below:

The most current video appears shot in the exact same space as another video acquired last month by The Federalist. That video illustrates the guy recognized by sources as Gallager wrecking tapes from the ballot makers and tossing them in a trash bin.

” Tom, why do you need to rip it up? Makes you feel much better?” the whistleblower is heard stating.

Gallager replies, “At this point, I do not desire anyone to choose it up, and believing we tossed things away.”

” We’re gon na have a little campfire going,” Ziggy includes.

Attempts to get in touch with Ziegelhoffer and Gallager showed not successful and Adrienne Marofsky, the general public relations director for Delaware County, informed The Federalist, “This matter is pending lawsuits and for that reason the County is not reacting to push concerns.” Marofsky included that “the County is positive that the elections in 2020 and 2021 were carried out relatively and totally complied with state and federal laws.”

But with the video proof that continues to emerge, that declaration appears in doubt: After all, if there were no offenses of state or federal law, why look for to conceal “negative” proof or damage the really tapes that could show compliance with the law?

Margot Cleveland is a senior factor to The Federalist. Cleveland served almost 25 years as a long-term law clerk to a federal appellate judge and is a previous full-time professor and accessory trainer at the college of company at the University of Notre Dame. The views revealed here are those of Cleveland in her personal capability.

Copyright © 2021 The Federalist, a completely independent department of FDRLST Media, All Rights Reserved.

Source: Exclusive Whistleblower Video: Pennsylvania Election Workers Discuss Hiding ‘Derogatory’ Records

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