Differences Between A320ceo and A320neo in a Nutshell

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The initial Airbus A320 initially gotin service in 1988 with the launch client Air France. Almost 30 years lateron, in 2016, a morerecent alternative, A320neo, began its operations, with Lufthansa endingupbeing the veryfirst customer. But what is basically various inbetween the 2 airplane types? Is it simply the engine or anything else? Is this distinction really that obvious that the Airbus A320ceo is on the edge of being deserted? Or not even close? What is the real conserving of the airlinecompany changing to the A320neo? Let’s appearance into all of these listedbelow.

How do they compare?

The advancement from Airbus A320ceo to Airbus A320neo is part of a more considerable market motion lookingfor to enhance airplane performance, reduce fuel usage and lower ecological footprint.


The brand-new engine designs are the primary distinction inbetween A320neo and A320ceo. The significant upgrades relative to the CEOs are changing the IAE V2500 and CFM56-5B designs with the PW1100G-JM and LEAP-1A series engines (manufactured by Pratt and Whitney and CFM International, respectively).

The resemblance inbetween the LEAP-1A and PW1100G-JM series engines is their considerably bigger fan size than their predecessors. It makesitpossiblefor a greater bypass ratio, increasing jet propulsion performance and decreasing fuel usage. Due to the brand-new engines, the A320neo likewise uses longer varies (6,400km versus 5,700 km-6,200km of A320ceo). The airplane itself is quieter than the older alternative, both externally and in terms of what can travelers within the cabin can hear.


Sharklets are big wingtip gadgets that boost the lift of the wingtip while at the verysame time reducing the drag along the wing triggered by wingtip vortexes, hence permitting for fuel costsavings and longer varieties. They allow a decrease of up to 4% in fuel intake on paths longer than 4630km and circa 2% for paths of 926km when compared to wingtip fences. While they haveactually been readilyavailable as an choice on production Airbus A320ceo, the Airbus A320neos are gearedup with them by default.

Cabin and traveler capability

Although not easy to capture from the outside, the cabin hasactually seen anumberof enhancements, such as muchbetter pressurization, higher travelluggage area and sound decrease systems. Passengers can likewise be comfy delightingin LED lighting and a modern-day seating style. The increased seating capability from 180 guests to 186 guests is offered on present production airplane for both the A320neo and A320ceo.

What’s going on with the orders?

2021 was a year of healing for Airbus – it got 771 gross orders and 611 shipments. According to the aircraft maker, the A320neo Family (consisting of A320neo, A319neo and A330neo) stays the chosen option of airlinecompanies – it won 661 gross brand-new orders.

However, regardlessof a high need in the Airbus A320neo and Airbus itself motivating operators to switch to this choice, the “old however gold” A320 still makesup most of the airlinecompanies’ relyingon Airbus A320 Family fleets. In reality, airlinecompanies can retroactively setup most of the enhancements above on the initial Airbus A320ceo, which is why it oughtto not lose its appeal quickly. The morerecent engines, nevertheless, are solely a element of the A320neo.

Anything brand-new in pilot training?

The operating approach of the Airbus A320ceo and Airbus A320neo is the exactsame, so the total distinctions are not adequate to need the operator to roll out an whole training program for the Airbus A320neo. Thus, an Airbus A320ceo pilot is needed to gothrough computer-based type distinction training to certify for flying the Airbus A320neo.

We at BAA Training Spain have a brand-new full-scope Airbus A320ceo/neo complete flight simulator. This Level-D airplane reproduction covers all 4 ceo/neo engine types pointedout earlier in this shortarticle. Therefore, whether you represent an airlinecompany or are an specific pilot-to-be, feel totallyfree to contact us for Airbus A320 simulator training.

Currently, we have a unique deal for specific trainee pilots taking A320 Type Rating and Base Training in Vilnius or Spain. Additionally, you will get a task interview warranty and an real interview at the airlinecompany organized! But keep in mind – the assurances are just for high-performing and hardworking trainees.


While the Airbus 320neo represents a wonderful next-generation twinjet narrowbody airplane that does not come at a much greater expense than Airbus A320ceo, the initial variation is still broadly utilized throughout lotsof nations and continents. From our viewpoint, both types of airplane will continue topping the rankings of the most popular airplane types internationally.

Source: Differences Between A320ceo and A320neo in a Nutshell.

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