Celebrating St. Patrickâs Day With the Brand Helping Fuel the Irish Whiskey Boom


@beautifulbooze / courtesy McConnell’s

In 2020, after a almost 90-year lack, McConnell’s, one of the most popular and storied names in Irish whisky, was reestablished to a grateful—and thirsty—market by Conecuh Brands. Just one year lateron, according to a brand-new report by the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS), sales of Irish whisky skilled double-digit development, making it the third-fastest-growing spirits classification general, with domestic sales up 16.3%, from $185 million to $1.3 billion. In reality, it is now projection to overtake Scotch in the U.S. as even more critical drinkers find the subtle intricacy and strength of character that differentiates top-shelf Irish whisky. And simply in time, the Irish Whiskey Festival is returning to New York, exposing even more brand-new fans to the storied spirit, produced by renowned NYC Irish mixeddrink capital The Dead Rabbit. 


Courtesy McConnell’s

“The reality that there is now a 2nd devoted Irish scotch celebration in NYC is testimony to the apparently unstoppable increase of Irish bourbon throughout the United States,” as William Lavelle, director of the Irish Whiskey Association, informs Forbes. One brandname that’s certainly worth finding: McConnell’s, initially developed in Belfast in 1776, and  the earliest whisky brandname ever to come from Ireland (spelled without the additional “e” as it was almost 250 years ago), included in The Dead Rabbit’s cool brand-new beverages book, Paddy Drinks: The World of Modern Irish Whiskey Cocktails, simply released by Mariner Books. “To make terrific bourbon mixeddrinks, you requirement to comprehend scotch, which indicates going to the extremely starting—to the distillery,” as Mariner notes.Hence Paddy Drinks provides an highlighted guide of the phases of production and the distinctions inbetween the different types of bourbon, plus taste wheels and tasting notes along with 90 innovative mixeddrink dishes that have all been included at The Dead Rabbit over the years. 


Courtesy McConnell’s

The Dead Rabbit notes that McConnell’s is “a fine mix of Irish malt and Irish grain bourbon aged for 5 years in choose bourbon casks, which brings out undertones of vanilla sweettaste with excellent traditional Irish bourbon quality coming through in the background.” They usage it in a intricate, “tropical, velvety and indulgent” mixeddrink called the Beauty Spot, which blends the renowned scotch with absinthe, a matcha–Coco López mix, pineapple juice, pisatchio orgeat, crème de cacao, apricot eau-de-vie, and half-and-half that’s sure to implode your concept of what an Irish bourbon beverage oughtto be. 

It’s totally in keeping with the ingenious spirit of the restored brandname. Next year McConnell’s will open a brand-new distillery mixing standard methods and advanced devices in a historical structure in Belfast near its initial house. And likewise in time for St. Patrick’s Day, author and professionalphotographer Natalie Migliarini of Beautiful Booze (@beautifulbooze) hasactually developed 2 cool mixeddrinks that display the variety and character of the spirit, which comes in a beautifully-designed bottle with a cork stopper and unique dark-green label: the McConnell’s Smoked Honey Old-Fashioned, and the McConnell’s Irish Buck.

“The Old Fashioned is one of the finest mixeddrinks to mix for enabling a spirit’s profile to be the star,” Migliarini states. “My veryfirst sip of McConnell’s was mind-blowing, and while the profile is super-elegant, my tastebuds simply enjoyed the stickingaround honey and spice. Before I blended it in a mixeddrink, I chose to sip it a little more, and discovered that the gently smoky surface was something I likewise desired to highlight. This led me to cigarettesmoking my glass with rosemary, highlighting the smoky surface, while including a incredibly herbaceous aspect.”

As for her variation of the Irish Buck, “We have wentto Ireland a number of times in our takesatrip and whenever we are there, we simply have to order a beverage with cloudy apple juice,” Migliarini relates. “The levelofacidity and sweettaste of the fresh apple juice sets so pleasantly with the profile of a terrific Irish Whisky like McConnell’s. Using it as the main modifier in this Irish Buck offered the mixeddrink a distinct and tasty surface that enhanced the spicy ginger beer.” Make mine a double. 


Courtesy McConnell’s

McConnell’s Smoked Honey Old-Fashioned

2 oz. McConnell’s Irish Whisky

0.5 oz. Monin honey syrup

2 dashes Angostura fragrant bitters

2 dashes orange bitters

1 sprig rosemary

Smoke double Old-Fashioned glass with torched sprig of rosemary

Combine all the components in a blending glass with ice

Stir to mix and chill components

Strain into the smoked double old-fashioned glass over fresh ice

Garnish with orange twist

McConnell’s Irish Buck

1.5 oz. McConnell’s Irish Whisky

1 oz. cloudy (unfiltered) apple juice

0.5 oz lemon juice

2 oz. ginger beer

1/2 an apple 

1 sprig mint 

Combine all the components in a mixeddrink shaker with ice

Shake to mix and chill components

Double-strain into a highball glass over fresh ice

Garnish with a mint sprig and apple fan


@beautifulbooze / courtesy McConnell’s


Courtesy McConnell’s


Source: Celebrating St. Patrickâs Day With the Brand Helping Fuel the Irish Whiskey Boom.

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