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Perfect Your Pottery With the Best Tool Sets for Ceramics

Pottery making requires more than just a wheel and a block of clay. To shape your vessels, imprint them with creative etched designs, and trim rims so they’re perfectly even, you’re going to need some tools. The most commonly used implements in ceramics are ribbon tools, which are used to

Objet: Candles Inspired by Classical Sculptures

Anaïs Scrolling through the Instagram postings of American influencers whose brands rely on a certain adjacency to European culture, I’ve noticed that the standard fare of empty Diptyque glasses, Matisse cutouts, and starburst mirrors is now being complemented by sculptural candles. In the past few years, we’ve seen pastel-hued candles

Warm Up a Room with the Best Tungsten Light Bulbs

More than a century after their invention, tungsten filaments—the coiled metal wires at the heart of many incandescent light bulbs—continue to be popular. This is despite the growing market for LED bulbs, which use less energy and generate light much more quickly. It’s easy to understand why people still like

The New York Historical Society Announces $140 Million Expansion

On July 1st, Louise Mirrer, President and CEO of the New York Historical Society (NYHS), announced that the Society will begin a $140 million expansion of its historic building on Central Park West. The 70,000 additional square feet will house the new American LGBTQ+ Museum. The new space will showcase

7,000-Year-Old Stamped Seal Found in Prehistoric Levant Village

The limestone sealed stamp found at the site of Tel Tsaf, 2021. V. Naikhin/Hebrew University A stamped seal in the ancient village of Tel Tsaf dating to the 5th millennium B.C.E. has been unearthed, according to a study in the journal Levant by archaeologists Michael Freikman and David Ben-Shlomo, of

Best Soft Rib Tools for Ceramics

Rib and scraper tools are essential when it comes to pottery and other ceramic work, aiding in the shaping and smoothing of clay. Though most often used when throwing pieces on a wheel, ribs can also be used in other clay practices. Ribs come in a range of materials including

The Best Gouache Paints for Quick-Drying Work

pressmaster – If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, we may receive an affiliate commission. Gouache, an opaque water-soluble paint with gum arabic or acrylic as its binder, is one of the best-kept secrets in painting. Want flat, opaque areas of

Here Are the Best Pushpins for Your Studio and Workspace

Martin – If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, we may receive an affiliate commission With a plastic or aluminum head and a sharp metal point, pushpins are essential to any studio, classroom, or office. The humble pushpin, precursor of the

The Best Erasers for Graphite

moodboard – Before rubber was first used as an eraser in the mid-1700s, people employed everything from pumice to damp bread to expunge their errors. Luckily, we no longer have to turn to the bread box to cleanly remove graphite from paper, but sorting through erasers to find the

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