Bad faith arguments continue: Another appearance at the #SoNotBusy Gulf Coast Corridor

Bad faith arguments continue: Another appearance at the #SoNotBusy Gulf Coast Corridor

Over a month ago, we discussed why freight railways CSX and Norfolk Southern (NS) were attempting to stop the return of guest rail service on the Gulf Coast—an effort that might prevent traveler rail service throughout the nation. Well, CSX is still at it, and their easily-disputed declares are evidence that freight railways have had totallyfree rein to stand in the course of traveler rail for far too long.

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The long-anticipated return of guest rail service on the Gulf Coast is moving forward assoonas onceagain. But there’s still a methods to go.

There’s merely no muchbetter method to show our point than with a video, so here’s yet another appearance at the allegedly “busy” (according to freight railway CSX) Gulf Coast passage. Amtrak just desires to run 2 round-trip trains on this track inbetween 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., however this video files train activity from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Pay close attention to that bridge. In the newest Surface Transportation Board (STB) hearing, CSX declared that the Pascagoula Bridge positions an barrier to the return of guest rail service since the bridge is “always down.” But from where we’re standing, the bridge is up rather a bit.

This is yet another quickly objectedto argument provided by CSX to hinder the hugely popular return of traveler rail service to the Gulf Coast. Given all the time they had to prepare, we may anticipate them to come up with something a bit more concrete. But sadly, the reality is they traditionally sanctuary’t had to come up with strong arguments to get their method.

Also amazing the level to which standard things like “how lotsof trains go through here” is…not precisely trick (hard to conceal trains!), however not easy to assemble.

— Sandy Johnston 🚰 (@sandypsj) April 6, 2022

Tactics like these aren’t unique to CSX, and it’s crucial to note that freight railways alone aren’t the just thing holding traveler rail back. But CSX’s bad faith arguments continue to program why it’s crucial to assemble rail information and hold freight railways liable. Freight hasactually been able to claim tracks like the ones running through Pascagoula are “just too hectic” for far too long, and guest rail service has suffered throughout the nation as a result. With the brand-new funds under the 2021 facilities law and environment requires just growing morepowerful, it’s time to make guest rail a more offered resource for all.

Source: Bad faith arguments continue: Another appearance at the #SoNotBusy Gulf Coast Corridor.

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