“Are smartphones making us unhappy?”

There are currently over 1,350,000 web pages that tell us smartphones make us unhappy, but let’s look at the facts.

Major corporations make millions by drawing us into negative social media.

Psychologists say we’re actually losing face-to-face social interaction because of how we use our smartphones.

But, as one of the staff writers at BestCellular.com said, “If all you focus on is the doom and gloom headlines, you’re losing out on a lot of opportunities.”

Keep watching and I’ll share the secret that actually re-trains the social media algorithms that are hurting us as a society!

Smartphones Can Actually Improve Our Lives

  • For example, when I get in my car each morning, my smartphone connects to my radio and Audible starts playing a personal development book. On average, I’m able to complete more than 6 audiobooks each month!
  • Last year, I took 120 mountain bike trips and made new friends with many other mountain bikers that I met through social media using my smartphone.
  • The Success, Motivation & Inspiration groups I run have tens of thousands of members. I personally know one member who decided NOT to commit suicide due to connections he made and a late night group chat (using his smartphone) when he was at his lowest point.

Your Thoughts Become Your Reality

We all know someone who’s been affected by cyberbullying, deceptive advertising, disaster headlines, or political fights. Social media giants design their algorithms to show us the content we are most likely to interact with.

After all, social media platforms such as Facebook make their money by keeping as many visitors looking at as many screens as possible, for as long as possible to display as many sponsored ads as possible.

These algorithms only show the most “relevant” content that you’re likely to interact with.

You may not know this, but clicking the “like”, “love”, “haha”, “wow”, “sad”, or “angry” reaction buttons on Facebook are all scored as social interactions.

Here’s the secret: Ignore negative posts! Interact with positive content. This actually re-trains the algorithms to show you more positive content! By ignoring negativity on social media, you actually help it disappear from everyone’s news feed!

If enough of us take a stand, we can improve the world as we know it! Share this video to improve social media algorithms and spread positivity!

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*From a speech given by M. Curtis McCoy titled, “Are Smartphones Making Us Unhappy?”

Source: “Are smartphones making us unhappy?”

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