• Bitcoin and Altcoin market could breakout next week to grab a bullish rally
  • Analysts in the crypto industry are observed being bullish for cryptocurrency market
  • Bitcoin correlates with the traditional United States stock market

Bitcoin and the altcoins have seen mainstream attention since the beginning of this year. Due to Chinese crackdown, the entire cryptocurrency market faced turbulence and still remained highly volatile. However, after achieving a new all-time high last Uptober, analysts in the industry are observed being bullish this Moonvember. Notably, the trading volume of the leading crypto asset continued to decline over the past few weeks. On the other hand, altcoins have been found rising to achieve new highs over the same period. In contrast, where the total market cap of Bitcoins plunged by 2%, Ethereum and Solana’s market capitalization surged by 1.5% and 17% respectively.

Analysts expects a bullish month for Bitcoin and Altcoins

According to an active speculator in the industry, they are jumping from one coin to another trying to ride the small waves. According to Alex Kuptsikevich, an analyst at FxPro, it seems a positive-sum game if the tide is turning. Indeed, the overall market cap of the industry is continuing to rise. 

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Some of the analysts are considering that if BTC price will cross the level of $64k it will soon achieve a new all-time high. Historically, there have been analysts who have observed that there always has been a slight delayed positive correlation with the traditional market and digital market. Hence, the factors could help the prices this month go upwards achieving new ATH.

Bullish but risky due to volatility

The average funding rate of BTC or the cost of holding long positions in the future market remains positive. The aforementioned factor also shows some bullish signals to traders. According to Arcane Research, the persistent positive finding rates suggest that demand for long exposure remains high in the digital asset market. However, the relatively low long liquidation volumes in the cryptosphere shows that traders are reckless with leverage now. Still, Arcane Research warned that there is risk of high volatility if the entire market turns lower. 

BTC correlates with traditional stocks market

Correlation of BTC with the US stocks market has continued to soar over the past month. The data suggests that the risk appetite of investors is way robust. On the other hand, demand for government bonds has been observed declining. Such plunges could cause a spike in inflation and the economic growth will be slowed down. Notably, a similar stats was observed back in 2019, when the cryptocurrency bear market stabilized and monetary policy became more accomodating which intensified. At the time, such measures also had benefited the assets stocks and cryptocurrency world.

Source: Analysts in the crypto market are bullish over this Moonvember

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