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Who’s your preferred Spider-Man?

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Since Spider-Man: No Way Home appears deadset crazy about bringing everybody back into the fray with all of its multiverse things, now is a good time of review the older motion pictures and rank them all!

There are a great deal of Spider-Man films, so we’ve chosen to figure which ones are the very best … and which ones are the worst

Here are all the Sony-Marvel Spider-Man films ranked.

Entertain your brain with the coolest news from streaming to superheroes, memes to computer games.

Spider-Man films ranked from worst to finest

10 Spider-Man 3 (2007)

Columbia Pictures

A strange parody of the earlier, far much better Sam Raimi Spider-Man films, Spider-Man 3 was greatly slammed upon its release and truly so.

But the years have actually respected it, partially thanks to the tank of memes that progressed in its wake. No motion picture– conserve possibly Lord of the Rings or the Star Wars prequel trilogy– has actually been as accountable for as lots of GIFs and memes as Spider-Man 3. In that regard re-watching it is a brand-new, special experience. Upon its release it was puffed up and unusual, in 2021 it’s an unbelievable quantity of enjoyable.

— Mark Serrels

Where to see it: Spider-Man 3 offered to lease or purchase on Amazon Prime Video, and is readily available to stream on Starz, which costs $8.99 monthly after a one week totally free trial.

9. Venom (2018)

Sony Pictures

I enjoyed Venom on a very first date and immediately went to sleep midway through. In the middle of a loud, congested movie theater. My apologies to fans of the toothy symbiote.

— Steph Panecasio

Where to enjoy it: Venom is offered to lease or purchase on Amazon Prime Video, or to stream through FuboTV, which costs $6499 each month.

8. Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021)


It’s uncommon for a follow up to surpass the initial, however Venom: Let There Be Carnage does so in every possible method. It’s funnier by a mile, the action is much enhanced and the total story is significantly more engaging. Plus this motion picture in fact ends up the origin story structure began in the very first movie, with our primary character lastly choosing to be the “the deadly protector” anti-hero Venom. If you liked the very first motion picture, you’re going to like this follow up. And if you weren’t completely offered on the initial Venom, there’s every possibility you’ll like this film a lot more.

— Russell Holly

Where to view it: Let There Be Carnage opened Oct. 1 in the United States, and will strike UK theaters Oct. 15, while Australia needs to wait till Nov. 25.

7. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

All the work The Amazing Spider-Man did to establish Peter as a rough-around-the-edges Spider-Man who still had some finding out to do in regards to his ethical compass, came crashing in on itself in this follow up.

Peter ended up being the most chatty and positive Spidey version, torn in between dragging Gwen into his drama, reviving relationships from when he was a hardly mindful pre-teen (not surprising that Harry was puzzled when Peter showed up at his door action) and blowing up a pauper with electrical power. Let’s absolutely not discuss the significantly uncomfortable scenes with Aunt May.

As puffed up and disorderly as Maguire’s Spider-Man 3. It’ll offer you problems about the Green Goblin and not for the best factors.

— Jennifer Bisset

Where to see it: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is offered to lease or purchase from Amazon Prime Video.

6. Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

Jay Maidment

In a post-blip world, this Spider Man flick does a fantastic task of going back to the core of what I like about the films in basic. The love and awkwardness in between Peter and MJ provides a truly classic feel to this one, even if the remainder of the movie is more flash than compound sometimes.

The impacts are excellent, the twist is great and Jake Gyllenhaal is a charming addition to the franchise– however what we care most about is Peter and his pals. Which is precisely what these movies prosper on! Yes, he swings and has insane spider abilities, however he’s likewise a high school kid with an insane crush on his friend. Seeing him handle that too as an element-controlling bad guy hellbent on damaging the world and the sorrow from the death of his coach? That’s what I’m here for.

— Steph Panecasio

Where to view it: Spider-Man: Far From Home is offered to lease or purchase from Amazon Prime Video, and likewise readily available to stream by means of FuboTV, which costs $6499 each month.

5. The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Sony Pictures

I’m here to inform you that this film’s rap for being a relatively average movie is– well, it’s just rather reasonable.

The fittingly called Marc Webb, who directed (500) Days of Summer, made the entire very first third of this film seem like a little independent movie. Peter goggling at Gwen from throughout the class. ‘Til Kingdom Come, initially composed by Coldplay to be carried out with Johnny Cash, playing over the skateboard scene.

And then there’s Peter’s Spider-Man motions in fact matching skateboarding relocations, along with being more spider-like than his equivalents. Andrew Garfield’s stutter, jazz hands and basic charming weirdness. The remarkably attractive bare chest scene.

Some parts of this film guideline. If just its funny wasn’t so wince and required. If just there weren’t numerous dismaying deaths. Garfield is underrated and I hope he gets another opportunity through the multiverse in Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man 3.

— Jennifer Bisset

Where to enjoy it: The Amazing Spider-Man is offered to lease or purchase on Amazon Prime Video, and likewise offered to stream on Starz, which costs $8.99 monthly.

4. Spider-Man (2002)


As somebody who is deathly scared of spiders, I held out on enjoying this for the longest time, however regardless of some minutes where the arachnophobia got its fangs into me, it’s well worth the watch. From the extremely theatrical representation of Green Goblin through to some really moving minutes (Uncle Ben, I’m lookin’ at you), the entire thing was a trip from start to end up.

Sure, enjoying it back now has me wincing at a few of the memes, however it’s a really excellent beginning point with some outstanding action and precisely the correct amount of ridiculousness for a superhero motion picture. Sam Raimi stabilized the ridiculous with the severe– something more contemporary superhero flicks must take motivation from. It’s not all solemn faces and punching! All in all, it’s worth it simply for the efficiencies from JK Simmons and Willem Dafoe alone.

— Steph Panecasio

Where to see it: Spider-Man is readily available to lease or purchase from Amazon Prime Video, and likewise readily available to stream on Starz, which costs $8.99 each month.

3. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Jay Maidment

It’s difficult to get thrilled about another reboot. When Spider-Man Homecoming came along, bringing Spider-Man into the MCU, it was clear this one would be worth it. In bypassing the character’s well-worn origin story, the franchise got a fresh sensation launch that much better served Peter Parker’s advancement and guaranteed a more strong structure for the follow up.

Peter, MJ, Ned and the rest of the team produced credible high school trainees– eccentric and still brand-new to the world. And as much as angst is developed into Spider-Man’s DNA in addition to those spidey-bits, Tom Holland provided a lighter, practically irritatingly resilient Peter Parker, like the energetic kid bro you can’t assist however like.

Erin Carson

Where to enjoy it: Spider-Man: Homecoming is offered to lease or purchase from Amazon Prime Video, and likewise offered to stream by means of FuboTV, which costs $6499 monthly.

2. Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Sony Pictures

Pizza time. The 2nd live-action Spidey experience take advantage of the momentum developed in the very first motion picture and sends out Peter Parker on an amazing journey that riffs on the traditional Spider-Man No More comic story perfectly.

It likewise boasts a killer bad guy in Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus. The surgical treatment space scene is timeless Sam Raimi and stays entirely chilling 17 years later on. His fight with Spidey on the train is a visual happiness too– No Way Home much better do this man justice.

The tie-in computer game was exceptional too; it recorded the happiness of web-swinging around Manhattan to a degree that wasn’t equated to up until the 2018 PS4 video game.

Sean Keane

Where to see it: Spider-Man 2 is readily available to lease of buy on Amazon Prime Video, and likewise readily available to stream on Starz, which costs $8.99 monthly.

1. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

Sony Pictures Animation

Into the Spider-Verse is so great, we have 2 entries on the point.

Into the Spider-Verse isn’t simply the very best Spider-Man motion picture ever made, it’s the very best superhero film ever made, duration.

The fast fire rate, the visual flourishes, the razor-tight script, the pitch best characterization. Into The Spider-Verse avoids tropes and develops a world so thick with information it rewards several, several watchings. It’s as memorable on its tenth seeing as it was on the. A best film.

— Mark Serrels

Mark Serrels is definitely. That being stated, Into the Spider-Verse is a lot more than simply the very best superhero motion picture– it’s an animated function that explores visual aesthetic appeals, variable framerates and groundbreaking strategies to provide us with something entirely unlike any other piece of function animation on the marketplace. This Spider-Man is conserving us from the mediocrity of another by-the-numbers animated movie.

It does not injure that it’s the only Spider-Man movie brave enough to let Peter Parker mature and carry on, either. Miles Morales permanently.

— Sean Buckley

Where to see it: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is readily available to lease or purchase from Amazon Prime Video.

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