AI executes multiple trading strategies to fight market volatility

Crypto market has tracked many globally with its vast returns. However, besides incredible gains, the market also faces hefty losses, so such assets are deemed highly volatile. However, if a trader in the market opts for a good trading strategy a confirmed profit would be taken. Many use trading bots to execute their strategies. Several times such bots make huge profits for us automatically, but several times they end up making losses. Hence, we have noted that this is the era of artificial intelligence, specifically self-learning AIs. Such AIs can also help execute different trading strategies making trade easier.

How to choose a crypto trading strategy?

Recently, a lot of trading bots have emerged offering the same strategy. Such bots buy crypto coins and sell them for an increased price. Such bots use the basic long and short trading strategy. However, while choosing a crypto trading strategy there are few things required to be contemplated. However, we have listed two major points that are crucial to notice while opting for a cryptocurrency trading strategy.

It is essential to prefer a strategy as per the crypto pair’s trend. For instance, it is not a good point to short a coin by observing the technical and fundamental analysis that suggests an uptrend. Rather we should set up a long-term strategy to sustain the bullish movement. Notably, as the trend begins to change it is sensible to assess shorting. On the other hand, if there is no evident movement and the chosen pair is trading in a range, some of the traders launch both long and short simultaneously. Hence that technique will assist take the advantage of all market oscillations.

The second thing to assess is our portfolio. Usually, traders perpetrate shorting using leased funds. With bots, the part of borrowing funds is done manually, and the buy and sell orders are enforced automatically. However, if we don’t borrow any funds then the short will be like an overturned long strategy.

Artificial intelligence is better than bots

We know that crypto trading bots are fixed to a set of algorithms. Hence, they execute some precise calculations each time. But every time the same strategy will not help safeguard our funds from volatility. Moreover, it is also observed that several times when volatility looms bots get dormant. Ultimately, bots are created relying upon the developer’s perception of the market.

Following the concerns attributed to trading bots, CurPay trading broker is enlisting artificial intelligence-based software. CurPay’s Automated Volatility Protection (AVP) tool is a self-learning AI. The patent-pending technology monitors the fluctuations of prices in the crypto market and helps retain the value of our funds. Such AI provides considerable strategies for buying, selling, accumulating, and holding. According to some expert traders in the market, the AI-based tool has a strategy to appease our risk tolerance.

Notably, one of the most significant features is CurPay’s technology has the expertise to trade any pair. The AI has the potential to generate gains from any trading pairs, including Bitcoin to fiat, altcoins to fiat, or fiat to crypto. Something a trading bot can not do without a set algorithm for each.

Is CurPay’s AVP worth it?

CurPay AVP’s non custodial approach takes every required security measure to reinforce its user’s account. The AVP is a self-learning AI that realizes its faults and continues to improve. Unlike trading bots, the tool utilizes immense fractions of data while rendering hefty calculations at a terrific rhythm.

However, the monthly charges of CurPay’s AVP are loftier than trading bots. Still, comparing both the automated trading tools it seems the AI is worth it, and the traders can cultivate some considerable gains using AVP. Moreover, CurPay offers three different schemes to its clients, to begin with.

Source: AI executes multiple trading strategies to fight market volatility

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