Afro Poetry is keeping the Afro Poetry conversation alive

Inspiration is often considered as a remedy that cures all ailments. It has the power to shift dimensions and change your world.

Now imagine the beauty of words curating the above.

The Afro Poetry Times November edition was brewed in the inspiration barrels and it will undoubtedly shift your mind frame from negativity to positivity.

It will turn doubters into believers and transform hopefuls from grass to grace.

It is loaded with those “feel good” poems that will help you.

The issue also features

  • A South African poetry group that is set to make the French Connection after being invited to France
  • A Zimbabwean poet who has tackled the world’s perceptions about Africa through poetry
  • The best ever poem that was written about Cristiano Ronaldo
  • A review of a book that celebrates women’s poetic voices
  • Love poems, short story and much more

The Afro Poetry Times isn’t your average poetry magazine. It keeps Afro poetry conversation alive. Get the November issue, Volume 5 on these platforms and inspire the way you live



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