Actor Terrence Howard Partners With Andrew Sobko To Revolutionize The Technology Of Drones For Consumer And Military Use

CHICAGO, IL, July 14, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — If you are looking for the latest phenomenon to invest your money into, look no further. Actor Terrence Howard has revolutionized the technology behind the flight, capability, and power of drones as we know them today. This 86 patent-protected drone, The Lynchpin, system permits a novel form of tangential flight due to proprietary geometry. What does this mean? The craft flies in a horizontal planar fashion as well as having the ability to orbit about its center of mass while in flight giving it superior maneuverability as compared to any known aircraft demonstrated. These patented geometrically reliant characteristics enable maneuvers that no other aircraft can perform. The Lynchpin Drone has a unique geometric shape that consists of six connected pentagons, at the direct connection of where four bubbles meet, giving it more freedom of movement than any typical drone on the market. This alien-like technology gives it the power, agility, and communication to network together.

The Lynchpin’s systems are modular, programmable, and have the capability of performing in a network. The connecting of multiple drones network to self assemble into larger operational units increasing lifting capacities and stability. Tangential flight both horizontally and vertically EVTOL permits the drones to be used to perform physical tasks that could change the face of how we operate as businesses. Instead of manpower, could drones be the answers to commercial businesses, emergency services, delivery services, media and filming, delivery services, search and rescue management?

Howard says this is the future. Most of all these network and bonding capabilities would permit us to reach great heights, handle big jobs, situations, and scenarios at mass to perform physical tasks such as placing bricks, roof tiles, putting out fires, filming in an entirely new way, and even cleaning our oceans. Yes, it is set to announce that the Lynchpin can dive into the water just like a dolphin. When it comes to media the Lynchpin system when networked in partnership with wireless 5G carriers the drone initiates that network transmission system itself eliminating the need for tower transponders. The maneuverability of the Lynchpin drone platform permits sport mode flying and filming of sports in totally new ways where AI drones can follow the ball in the first-person view.

Rotate into any orientation while maintaining a position

Move-in any direction with no limitations hovering at any angle

Move upwards relative to gravity, even if the drone is upside-down.

The drone can be made in any size and is customizable

In-flight charging and networked wireless power transfer

Take off and landing at any angle and or dock to any surface

That is just the tip of the iceberg for Howard’s innovation. As the Lynchpin can help solve the heavy lifting of many of our tedious tasks and solve the unsolvable problems like cleaning up our oceans. Howard now tackles the bigger picture. Could these drones assist our government and military by securing our nation with field surveying, become submersible for Naval Ops, may be adapted for space missions, or may be used as a projectile delivery system, or pulsed propulsion in vacuum or water. Well, it was said that these patents have been granted, and hinted that these contracts are underway. Quite frankly, this technology is not something you want to miss out being a part of.

Terrence Howard appointed Andrew Sobko as the Chief Operating Officer and Former Governor Rod Blagojevich as Executive Consultant

Andrew Sobko is an entrepreneur with an impressive portfolio of enterprises and business ventures. He has multiple successful business ventures based on artificial intelligence and is strongly committed to bettering the lives of the communities he serves. He is currently the CEO of a technology company called CDL1000.


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